loving and caring, sweet and special, micheal is a total angel...he'll go out of his way to make you feel better
"F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me, N is for anywhere, anytime atall...down here in the deep blue sea"
by Sian-Louise May 21, 2005
Michael, also can be Mike, Mikey, ect., is a boys name. Michael is the sweetest,nicest boy you will ever meet but hes a strong ass man too. He can beat you up if he wanted to. He may act stupid at times, but thats ok because at least he knows how to have fun.
Your such a Michael. =)
by ilovehim March 20, 2008
Sexiest damn bastard in the world.
Best Friend
Major Player

That michael is soo...sexy!!
Such a bastard that michael!!
Michael is so fucking funny!!
Michael is such a player!!
by SIG2 January 26, 2009
Michael is the most amazing person you could ever meet in your life. He's sweet, caring, super handsome, down to earth, sporty, empathetic, lovable, hot, a great listener/ advice giver and an all around great guy. Even if he isnt your boyfriend, you can talk to him about absolutely anything and everything. He will help you through it all, the good and bad. When your with him or talking to him or just even thinking about him, you feel like nothing could possibly go wrong. He's way more amazing than any other person that ever existed. He really knows how to turn you on and what to say all the time. Michael cant hurt someone he cares about, even the tiniest bit, especially the ones close to his heart. He is sensitive to the people he trusts most and shows it around them. He will give hint about his feelings even if you arent that close with him. He makes everyone feel accepted and wanted. He is very understanding so if you mess up and your are legitimately sorry for it, he will have no problem forgiving you. He is an amazing best friend and the longer you know him, the stronger your friendship becomes. Pretty soon it gets to the point where absolutely nothing could damage it. Michael is the person everyone should aspire to be, though they could never reach his level, they should try.
Kathy: "Wow. Who's your friend? He is absolutely amazing?!"

Lauren: "Ha. I know right? He's my best friend. His name is Michael."

Kathy: "Oh, that makes so much sense. He totally is worthy of the name. Your lucky you have him."
by BandGeekAt<3 July 25, 2010
A sexy bitch
"Michael is a sexy bitch."
by michaelisasexybitch November 10, 2009
2 words...... HUGE DICK!!!!!!
Damn, your nothing compared to my ex Michael.
by Chevy v3 June 13, 2010
Michael is the most amazing man in Earth. He's sweet, proud, intelligent, kind, strong, all of what an amazing man needs for a perfect way of life. He's a little bit shy but very funny. Michael is the name of one of the strongest God's angels. I'm sure you can see this pure light in every Michael's eyes. Mine is like superman.... My Michael.
Michael, an angel's name, is amazing and the best lover ever for sure !
by crazy for superman February 04, 2010
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