Michael is the most amazing person you could ever meet in your life. He's sweet, caring, super handsome, down to earth, sporty, empathetic, lovable, hot, a great listener/ advice giver and an all around great guy. Even if he isnt your boyfriend, you can talk to him about absolutely anything and everything. He will help you through it all, the good and bad. When your with him or talking to him or just even thinking about him, you feel like nothing could possibly go wrong. He's way more amazing than any other person that ever existed. He really knows how to turn you on and what to say all the time. Michael cant hurt someone he cares about, even the tiniest bit, especially the ones close to his heart. He is sensitive to the people he trusts most and shows it around them. He will give hint about his feelings even if you arent that close with him. He makes everyone feel accepted and wanted. He is very understanding so if you mess up and your are legitimately sorry for it, he will have no problem forgiving you. He is an amazing best friend and the longer you know him, the stronger your friendship becomes. Pretty soon it gets to the point where absolutely nothing could damage it. Michael is the person everyone should aspire to be, though they could never reach his level, they should try.
Kathy: "Wow. Who's your friend? He is absolutely amazing?!"

Lauren: "Ha. I know right? He's my best friend. His name is Michael."

Kathy: "Oh, that makes so much sense. He totally is worthy of the name. Your lucky you have him."
by BandGeekAt<3 July 25, 2010
from hebrew origin, Used in: Czech, English, French and German speaking countries
Extended form of Micha, meaning "Who is like God?".

people with the name michael are: caring, funny, compassionate, loyal, a mans man, sporty and fit, unlucky in love, and family oriented, will someday make a good husband and father, a little impatient
Michael's are cute, but not alltogether handsom, but are wonderful people and make loyal friends.
"he is a really nice guy, I bet his name is Michael"
by kouklitsa July 03, 2009
Michael Might be the greatest person you will meet. He is nice and funny. Beware he might make you smile so much that your face will hurt. He has an awesome body... Play your cards right with Michael and he will use his Michael Magic to make you smile not matter what mood you are in. He can even make you want to drive all the way to NJ just to see him. He is Pretty Amazing..
"I need me some Michael"
by heymonday22 February 04, 2010
The Best guy you ever want to meet. He is kind generous. He has the most unbelievable smile and eyes that you could get lost in. He is the man every guy should aspire to be. He is everyone's hero a great father the best husband.
Michael is the man of my dreams
by ugotmee February 03, 2010
Michael is a great guy. He is funny, sweet, and extremly hot. He is the guy every girl falls for. He has a great sense of humor and makes everyone laugh. He has a sexy body and makes girls go crazy! He has many friends and stands up for them when someone beats them down. He is always smiling and when you see him you can't help bit smile to. Michael is hot.
Michael is sooooo sexy.

Everyone loves Michael!
by Rosey Josey February 24, 2010
The ideal boyfriend. Usually sporty, smart, and somewhat cocky. Extremely good looking and is liked by nearly everyone. Proud of who he is and what he can do. Tries to help people he is fond of. Has pretty eyes that shine when he's excited. Can be pretty chill. Will do anything for a friend. Is an all around amazing guy.
Girl: I really like Michael, I want him to kiss me.
Girl's Best Friend: I can see why, he's such a great guy.
by HelplesslyInLoveWithHim:) January 18, 2011
the most amazing guy you will ever meet. He is a die-hard romantic and has the sweetest heart in the whole world. He doesnt like to break girls hearts but doesnt want to be heartbroken. He has the most amazing voice and hair, hes tall and dark hair and eyes and the most gorgeous guy in the world. He has the cutest laugh in the world and means the world to his true love.
"Have you seen Michael today?" "Yes i have and i'm soooo jealous of his girl..."
by lainiebbyxoxo September 15, 2010

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