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1. Literally, not a person.

2. Doesn't deserve to be a person; a waste of a life.
Nobody calls me a nobody!
by Downstrike December 01, 2004
Term given to people who try and get their name added to Urban Dictionary and/or Wikipedia, by simply creating a new term and then adding completely bogus information to make themselves look cool.
CainAble (While editing for Urban Dictionary): Accept. Accept. WTF, that doesn't even make sense, Reject! Accept. LMAO thats a good one, accept that one! OMFG! Why do these people insist on trying to get their names into U.D.?! Fucking nobodies! REJECT!

Dude: Hey, did you hear that Dan tried to get his name into Wikipedia and was rejected. LMAO!
Bro: What a fucking dumbass! Doesn't he know that they would have rejected that.
Dude: No, he is just a nobody!
by CainAble May 14, 2008

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