A truly awesome guy. Tall and sexy with a beautiful smile and absolutely gorgeous eyes. Super sweet and caring, especially to those he feels closest to. Michael will go out of his way to help a friend in need. Down to earth and practical but he still likes to dream big and set goals for the future. Hard working, honest, and dependable. Michael is very talented in everything he does but is always looking for ways of self improvement. Michael is very creative and is always coming up with fresh new ideas. In love and relationships, Michael is understanding and approachable and makes his partner feel comfortable when addressing any topic. Michael is loving and physically sweet and tender, gives awesome hugs, great kisses, and is the best ever in bed (very well endowed!) and definitely knows how to please his woman with his extremely high libido. Although Michael is an awesome lover, he is a bit on the cautious side as a boyfriend. He is slow to move forward and to actually admit his true feelings in love. Michael loves but hesitates to allow himself to fall hard in love because he guards his heart intensely. Michael is faithful and honest but finds it somewhat difficult to completely trust his significant other, although he mainly keeps his insecurities to himself. Michael is completely real and doesn't try to make himself out to be anything that he isn't. Overall, Michael is an amazing guy and everything I want and all that I love.
"See that cute guy over there? That's my boyfriend. His name is Michael."

Michael, I love you!
by greeneyesanne88 August 18, 2014
Michael has the largest penis of all his friends. His friends wish they could please women like he does.
Girl: michael, your penis is huge.
Michael: well my name is michael ;)
by viper2394 October 15, 2011
A great looking guy who is also a gentleman. He always has a great smile to brighten everyone's day. In bed he loves to snuggle and cuddle with the girl he loves most. He is incredibly smart and can make those around him laugh with joy. He may be quiet and nerdy at times, but that is what makes him special. Not to mention, he is a down-to-earth guy and is honest and caring. For that special someone, he can be a pushover and would make great exceptions for him or her.
Michael loves to snuggle up to his girlfriend and give her many kisses in bed.
by cuddlesftw January 21, 2012
Michael is name of hebrew origin and means he who is like god, he is an intelligent, funny, handsome guy and is normally pretty well hung, he has an awesum personality , he normally likes people who enjoy the same music as him, he has impecable taste and know which girl he wants, he likes shorter people and is always willing to lend an item of clothing eg: a hoodie
if you know a Michael you should dump your boyfriend and go out with him!
by spain 24/7 world cup winners October 31, 2010
Michael is the name of an amazing guy. Usually a little bit air headed, and laughs to hide his pain. Michaels are liked by everyone, and doesn't seem to notice it. Nice blue eyes and usually an amazing guitar player. Unintentionally a heartbreaker, has dozens of girls killing for one date with him. The funny part is that he still doesn't notice. Appears to be confident, but is truly shy and has a dark side that his admirers won't understand.
Girl #1: Michael? He's such a badass!
Girl #2: And have you seen him play the guitar?!
Girl #1: Is he good!?
Girl #2: He's amazing!
by RedHood November 25, 2013
The most amazing guy there will ever be, funny, honest, caring, and smart. He is always there when he says he will be and always knows just what to say. He might have a SMALL obsession with cars, but he knows what he's doing. He knows how to treat a girl right and can drive her insane just by looking at her. When he's in a relationship, he makes his girlfriend feel like she's the only girl for him and she always feels safe. He makes sure his girl knows he will never hurt her, because that's the truth. He makes her feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. At times, he can be dorky and adorable, but a lot of the time, he is sexy as all hell and can turn you on in a second. If he likes you, then you are one DAMN lucky girl. All in all, he is the perfect guy.
Jessica: OMG Who's that guy over there?!
Brianna: Oh, that's my boyfriend Michael. He's amazing. <3
by dancergirl196 July 23, 2013
Michael is the name that guys get. Michael's tend to be funny guys, and they always have several girls who like him. Their funny, mostly play sport, and are very creative. When people meet him, they always like him as a friend, and occasionally like him more than friends. He likes having long lasting relationships, but he doesn't like going to fast with girls.
Girl 1: Hey that's Michael, isn't he looking nice today?
Girl 2: Yeah, I wish I could be with him.
by Mim2012 September 26, 2012

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