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The capital border-city of Northern Baja California Mexico.
the name derives from the union of two words: MEXIco-CALIfornia.
Similar to its U.S neighbor city.
Mexicali is one of the hottest cities, with a record temperature of 125*F.
by nattyEd October 29, 2006
A town from Mexico.
Mexicali, Baja California Nte.
It has nothing to do with white washed mexicans.
White boy : Woahw duuuude! That´s not a mexican, that´s a mexicali !!

Mexican : Stupid white boys these days....
by Tenoch June 09, 2005
A mexican who isn't stereotypical. Who isn't a ganster wannbe, doesn't wear is pants sagging, and has a real opinion. They usually listen to rock.
"Dude, that mexicali knows how to rock"
by Cristian February 03, 2005
Term that refers to a cool mexican. As most of them are Gangster wannabes it was needed to refer to the hispanics that arent idiots.
"Who are all these mexicans sitting at out table?"
"Nah dude, there cool, there Mexicalies
by Chris February 02, 2005
Derogatory term used by African-American community to refer to someone of Mexican decent.
My daughter ain't dating no mexicali
by Shaneera November 09, 2007
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