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A town from Mexico.
Mexicali, Baja California Nte.
It has nothing to do with white washed mexicans.
White boy : Woahw duuuude! That´s not a mexican, that´s a mexicali !!

Mexican : Stupid white boys these days....
by Tenoch June 09, 2005
Also known as "minute fags".
US citizens that believe in killing another person over crossing an imaginary line. They are trying to exterminate any person who crosses the border because of their insecurity of mexicans taking their jobs, but still they end up in a Mexican Food restaurant asking for more tacos.
Minute fag: I´m proud of my country and I´m proud of being a racist, an ignorant, and a fag.

Mexican: Exactly.
by Tenoch May 31, 2005
Also known as "reggaeton".
It´s a mixture of retards immitating reggae, most people don´t consider it hip-hop. It´s only good when fine bitches are moving their culo in your face, but it´s NEVER good for you to listen to it while you´re cruising or with a walkman. Content lacks of originality and only talks about anus.
Putbull: ´Ta tan rica, ´ta tan buena, tiene tremendo CULO !

Inteligente: Si, pero chekale la cara, tiene barba y tres ojos.
by Tenoch May 26, 2005
The term comes from the nahuatl word "MEXICA" pronounced "me-shee-ka".

The People of the Sun.
We come from the land called Anahuac, which is from Southwest US to Central America.

PS. Adam is a fag.
by Tenoch June 08, 2005
Spic, comes from the word "hispanic" which are the people from a land called "Hispania" now being part of Spain.
The racist US government classifies all people that talk spanish to "hispanic/latino".
Spic = Hispanic
Meaning any white boy from latin america.
by Tenoch May 31, 2005
Mexican that eats beans.
In spanish "frijolero"
similar to "nopalero" which means person that eats cactus.

It´s a racist insult towards mexicans and discriminatory to ANYONE who eats beans.
White boy: Go back to Mexico, beaner !!

Mexican: This is Mexico!! go back to the shit hole you call europe, pinche gringo !!
by Tenoch May 31, 2005

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