an action to merp or merping around
merping should be experienced for ones self.
Merp has no limits

you decide how you want to merp it up
Ben: Hey Sienna how was your weekend?

Sienna: Ah pretty chill you?

Ben: Mhmm just did some casual merping

Sienna: Sounds rowdy, you really know how to merp it up
by Merpislife November 06, 2010
Top Definition
a word said when an awkward conversation is happening to make things less awkward,quiet or can be used as an expression of saddness or to change the conversation
boy: wanna make out no

boy: merp
by ur dad 84 69 June 29, 2012
a word to say when you dont know what so say
Person 1: lol
Person 2: merp.
by shhommeeoonnnee February 27, 2012
1. What you say when there is nothing better to be said.

2. Expression of minor disappointment.
1. Jesse: What's up?

Jason: Not much, you?

Jesse: Nothing.


Jesse: Merp

2. Jesse: Hey, you wanna go to the Coldplay show?

Jason: Sorry, I can't.

Jesse: Merp
by THE ONE WHO DEFINES November 07, 2009
The term commonly thought of as a filler for an awkward situation such as the word "meh", but with deeper meaning. Merp is versatile and pseudo-poignant verb, adjective or noun with numerous capabilities and one etiology. It is derived from the word Merpidity which is a happy-go-lucky feeling that one has while indulging in activities such as raging, chillin, and keeping it real. Merp can be used in an catch-phrase to throw people off guard or to have one beg the question "Does this person really think he is a grammatitician, I think not!" Additionally, one can use the word merp as a euphemism in public as not to offend any people in proximity.
"Merpin' ain't easy"
"When I Merp you Merp, yah just like that"
"What the Merp!"

Person 1: Hey man that test was hard!
Person 2: It's all merp bro

Person 1: Hey man what are you doing this weekend?
Person 2: what do you think, Ill be merpin' up a storm
by merpidty merper May 01, 2013
The thing to say when nothing else is usable without looking like a sadistic pervert. When wanting to cuss but not being able to replace every word with Merp.
Girl: Hey Bro, wassup?
Girl: ....
Boy: Merp
Teacher: Excuse me?
Student: Oh Merp......
by BetchSlap January 03, 2013
anything and everything. It is a way of life.
I'm feeling merp.
That was such a merp moment.
by SEXYLEXI_7 February 20, 2012
a cute, awkward sound that makes people look at you funny when you say it, but in a good way. it makes you feel good.
Joe: Merp! (high pitched voice)
Joey: What the?
Joey: actually, that was cute!
by Merp lover May 28, 2012
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