A response to something that is disagreed with.
Jesse: You should go to bed. Your way too drunk!
Jason: Merp, Merp!
by Gin&Tonic October 24, 2009
A merp is a specific type of girl--can be from ugly to cute, but cannot be hot. A merp is always a small girl, cannot ever refer to a large girl/woman as a merp. A merp will usually have some kind of weird or immature qualities.

note: can never refer to someone you would perceive as a WOMAN as a merp, always going to be a GIRL.
Whats your type of girl, actually I know, you love merps.

Theres only merps at this party, lets leave.

Youll probably get with a merp tonight.
by KD- yerp, DanTheMan December 17, 2010
a noun, an adjective, a verb and an adverb; a state of mind and a way of life.

Can include day drinking, breaking public property, getting excessively drunk in low key situations, binge drinking for weeks at a time, and living without understanding of what it means to be sober.
Let's merp tonight, merpers.

I'm so merped out from that bottle of vodka I drank alone last night.

"I'm merping" in response to someone asking what you are doing.

That was the most merpy night I've ever had.

You took that bong hit so merpedly, brah!
by flingfling March 03, 2011
when you have no words left in your lexicon just make one up as no matter what answer you give the customer will never be happy!
Ring ring

Adam: Hello Perfect Pizza

Customer: Hey can I order 5 Pizza's, and will there be here in 15 mins??

Adam: Merp

Then hangs up the call
by Psud00 December 10, 2009
A sound you make when someone says something that makes you down.
Guy 1 : Faggot!
Guy 2 : Merp. *looks at feet*
by gabbzke March 17, 2010
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