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when you have no words left in your lexicon just make one up as no matter what answer you give the customer will never be happy!
Ring ring

Adam: Hello Perfect Pizza

Customer: Hey can I order 5 Pizza's, and will there be here in 15 mins??

Adam: Merp

Then hangs up the call
by Psud00 December 10, 2009
A sound you make when someone says something that makes you down.
Guy 1 : Faggot!
Guy 2 : Merp. *looks at feet*
by gabbzke March 17, 2010
Another name for a nose.
Hey, I love your merp!
by MerpTheDerp April 20, 2011
A combination of "derp" and "mep" used to describe an awkward silence created by someone doing or saying something stupid.
Teacher: "Are you sleeping?"
Student 1: "No, there's a bug in my eye and I'm trying to suffocate him."
Student 2: "Merp?"
by Derpin Bird May 11, 2011
A noise that fat people make once in a while or while they are eating.
Average Sized Guy: Hey dude, can you pass the mashed potatoes?

Fat Guy: *Chewing* Ah'em! Merp! No.
by SupersizedWithADietSoda February 06, 2010
a chameleon burp
a chameleon after drinking too much water or when frustrated says "merp."
by smlemur January 31, 2011
1. Verb: What hobo's say when they find a freakin' penny in donated money.

2. Verb: What pre-teens say when they have a spazz moment.
1. Oh great I got a freakin' penny!!! MERP!!
2. Oh my god MERP! ma ma ma MERP!
by crazycats April 29, 2011