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an action to merp or merping around
merping should be experienced for ones self.
Merp has no limits

you decide how you want to merp it up
Ben: Hey Sienna how was your weekend?

Sienna: Ah pretty chill you?

Ben: Mhmm just did some casual merping

Sienna: Sounds rowdy, you really know how to merp it up
by Merpislife November 06, 2010
55 113
A tackle of love, a very pleasant hug or intercourse
Guy 1: uhh, why is that girl running straight at me?!
Guy 2: She's got her arms open and a big smile on her face... You're about to get merped, bro!

Girl 1: Hey best friend!
Girl 2: Hey!
Girl 1: Merp!
*long hug*

Girl: So I was with my boyfriend, making out and stuff, and one thing led to another and we eventually... you know... merped
by Detchro July 13, 2010
76 135
excitement, nervousness, shock.
"Hi Krista." merp!
by merp10 December 02, 2009
45 105
Mutually Exclusive Relationship Person - Someone you are seeing but no labels have been established yet.
Jen: So how's your boyfriend?

Sarah: He's not my boyfriend yet, he's just my MERP for now.


Ken: Dude, how's your girlfriend doing?

Alex: Yo she's not my girlfriend yet, she might be soon. For now, we're just MERPs.
by dvhendford November 20, 2011
90 151
A response to something that is disagreed with.
Jesse: You should go to bed. Your way too drunk!
Jason: Merp, Merp!
by Gin&Tonic October 24, 2009
86 151
A merp is a specific type of girl--can be from ugly to cute, but cannot be hot. A merp is always a small girl, cannot ever refer to a large girl/woman as a merp. A merp will usually have some kind of weird or immature qualities.

note: can never refer to someone you would perceive as a WOMAN as a merp, always going to be a GIRL.
Whats your type of girl, actually I know, you love merps.

Theres only merps at this party, lets leave.

Youll probably get with a merp tonight.
by KD- yerp, DanTheMan December 17, 2010
84 165
a noun, an adjective, a verb and an adverb; a state of mind and a way of life.

Can include day drinking, breaking public property, getting excessively drunk in low key situations, binge drinking for weeks at a time, and living without understanding of what it means to be sober.
Let's merp tonight, merpers.

I'm so merped out from that bottle of vodka I drank alone last night.

"I'm merping" in response to someone asking what you are doing.

That was the most merpy night I've ever had.

You took that bong hit so merpedly, brah!
by flingfling March 03, 2011
111 203