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Melanin is Ubiquitous in every entity on Planet Earth that has hue/color. Melanin is the root of what gives color to skin, hair, eyes, plants, oil, animals, volcano's everything imaginable that is creative and colorful. Melanin is 100% activated through sun contact with Black/Indigenous Peoples and 50 to 100% with those Hispanic and all other people of color including "dark skinned" whites; Spaniards, Italians.
"I have brown skin, brown hair, brown eyes. This is because of Melanin". "It is ranges between brown and black; it has Melanin". "Usually people with Melanin have better eye sight, natural muscle physique, and better, youthful and beautifully elastic skin".
by MelanicteesCoolection February 07, 2013
Some shit that white people really need
Hey we need melanin so we will be at least tannish
by aguynamedandy October 10, 2005
the main causer of steryotype, racism, hatred, and discrimination. Though we was all made equal in the sight of God. God is our father, and we are his kids, and we are all brothers and sisters, we all equal, period.
ex. (white moron suburban fucker to child) stay away from those black people they tend to be dangerous
ex. (black dude) white people cant be gangstas
ex. (white dude) black people are dangerous
ex. "It aint about black or white cause we human" 2pac
ex. I dont get racism against either side, white folk just got less melanin and black folk got more, theyre are lighter skinned blacks, and darker skinned whites, and no one can choose what race their born into
by TheDogIsOut March 27, 2008
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