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the main causer of steryotype, racism, hatred, and discrimination. Though we was all made equal in the sight of God. God is our father, and we are his kids, and we are all brothers and sisters, we all equal, period.
ex. (white moron suburban fucker to child) stay away from those black people they tend to be dangerous
ex. (black dude) white people cant be gangstas
ex. (white dude) black people are dangerous
ex. "It aint about black or white cause we human" 2pac
ex. I dont get racism against either side, white folk just got less melanin and black folk got more, theyre are lighter skinned blacks, and darker skinned whites, and no one can choose what race their born into
by TheDogIsOut March 27, 2008
A person that pretends to be a banger but aint... It does not mean white gangster. White gangsters are commonly called wankstas yet wanksta simply means a person who is not accepted by the gang community.
Ayo look at that wanksta over there tryin to bang with the bloods
somebody gotta straighten his ass out son
by TheDogIsOut February 23, 2008
A word white people use because theyre afraid if they call black people "Black" they'll be offended. Even though black people call white people white. Just a stupid term that blacks are forced to put up with. It seems like a disrespectful term to me though, because it makes it seem like black people are not Americans, white people are just americans, yet blacks are "African Americans" not just plain americans.
White Dude: "He's African American."
Black Dude: "Mother Fucker you gon call me an African American, im from jamaica."
White Dude: "I just didnt want to offend you."
Black Dude: "Ok then, im gon call you a German American."
White Dude: "Im from Norway."
Black Dude: "Exactly!"
Black Dude: "Us "African Americans" are gon call you white people European Americans from now on."
by TheDogIsOut June 04, 2008
The most dangerous gang in America. Majority of its members are Black, though there are many Latino Members, and the accasional white member. Main Rivalry is currently The Bloods, and MS-13
ex. "dont mess with the crips, they find out where you live and blow your brains out."
ex. "We saw on T.V. some crips was killin some bloods down in queens."
ex. In my opinion the bloods and crips should join together, take out MS-13 then go back to the way it was before.
by TheDogIsOut April 29, 2008
Known as the mile high city, with a bunch of stuck up yuppies in the city and nothing but slow drivers. Suprisingly a new gang city, gangs from L.A. and Mexico are now coming into denver with an expected 12,000 new gang member in colorado in the last year. Drug running, drive by shootings, Weapon trading, and gang wars are all now becoming very common to denver, it has become another gang city. Though it aint nothin like Jamaica Queens!
Yo colorado full of gangs now, it gang city over there, everyday denver become more dangerous

Ex. I never been to Denver but my cuz went there for like a month he said ay day there be like 10 drive bys
by TheDogIsOut May 20, 2008
Men that are atracted to other men, often refered to as gay by those who are respectful of them. Though the better terms consist of Homos and Faggots. They claim to be normal but arent, because to be honest, if they were normal they would like people of the opposite sex. Most of the time they tend to act more girly than girls themselves, and for some reason always talk with like a sort of a lisp thing. They always tend to be sissies and run like a T-rex (ya know, with their arms swingin at the side.)
Dmx: "Last I heard yall niggaz was havin sex with the same sex. I show no love to homo thugs, empy out, reload, and thro mo slugs, how you gon explain fuckin a man? Even if you squash the beef I aint touchin yo hand. I dont fuck wit chumps, for those to be in jail thats the cat with the Kol-Aid on his lips and pumps, I dont fuck with niggaz that think they broads, only know how to be one way, thats the dog!"

Them homosexuals are straight trippin
by TheDogIsOut July 10, 2008

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