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A form of music in which a person swiftly rhymes poetry, over a beat. A subgenre of pop music. Rap is mostly influenced by hip-hop or hip hop. And this is to all the people who can't stand rap because they've never actually heard real rap:
There is no rule that talent is needed to make a song. Though talent IS needed to make rap, all of you racists just listen to a little bit of gangsta rap (i.e. G-Unit, N.W.A.) and assume that rap is all about gats, hoes, money, pimps, and gangstas! Ok you people are abosutely correct! Well....partially correct, you are correct when you say that rap is just about all about gats, hoes, money, pimps, and gangstas. *NEWS FLASH* That is NOT rap! That is GANGSTA RAP! There is a difference. If you go and listen to a rapper that was never born and raised in the urban streets, never been a gangsta, then you won't hear all that shit! Try Kanye West! Or Eminem! Even 2Pac! Though 2Pac called himself a "G", he wrote poems about love, he read books, he wasn't stupid! In high school he was an excellent actor; he was a thespian. 2Pac showed lots of love in his songs, and he WAS a gangsta. And he is the most influencial emcee in hip-hop history. Think of that. I don't really care how much the fuck you want to diss rap, as much as you classical rock people want to! Rap is music, and no one gives a fuck about what all of you people say, because your opinion cannot change what already is! And for all you people who think rappers are talentless, FUCK YOU! Try thinking about it. They first need to make a fucking beat. They have to make like 20 different beats, and then choose which one fits the flow of the song. Then the rapper has to sit down for a long ass time, and think as hard as they can, and put his thoughts down on paper as a rhyming poem. Then once the rapper has made his lyrics, he has to find that best beat for the flow of the song. Then he goes and raps out the lyrics. He is basically talking very quickly, nonstop (nonstop rapping is the correct, "real" way of rapping, which means he has to rap without stoping for about 3-5 lines), in the rhythm of the beat. Also while rapping, he needs to stress every other syllable, but he can't go too fast or else he will go faster than the beat and then the song will be ruined. Listen to any rap song by a really talented rapper. Every line will stop on the end of the beat. So once all this has been done, the song if recorded and fine-tuned. And this has to be done for every song, on every album...And no it's NOT easy. AND YOU ASSHOLES SAY THAT RAPPERS JUST TALK, AND THEY HAVE NO TALENT AT ALL. BITCHES. SO IF U DONT LIKE GANGSTA RAP, THEN DON'T LISTEN TO IT SO YOU DONT HAVE TO GO AND WHINE ABOUT HOW MUCH IT "SUCKS"! THAT MUSIC IS MOSTLY TARGETING THE GANGSTA AFRICAN AMERICAN AUDIENCES, BECAUSE THATS WHAT THEY LIVE WITH. YOU GET IT? GANGSTA RAPPERS RAP ABOUT THAT FOR THE GANGSTAS! GOD! UNDERSTAND?! ITS SOOOOO SIMPLE, DON'T LISTEN TO GANGSTA RAP IF IT BOTHERS YOU!
I dont know what the fuck is up with these cocky caucasians thaty makes them think that they are the best race in the world and that just because they don't like gangsta rap, they go and whine about how much rap sucks. And the worst part is, they say rap sucks, not gangsta rap. I hate these stupid fucks who add tons of stereotypes to their defintions. 50 Cent is not a rapper. 50 Cent is a gangsta rapper. Kanye West is NOT a gangsta rapper. He is a rapper. Eminem has the background of a gangsta; he fucking grew up in Detroit. But he raps about shit that acutally matters in this world. Plus to all haters, you guys don't see us hating on rock and metal 24/7. So fuck off.
by aguynamedandy September 11, 2005
A 'reality-porn' website where three guys (mainly D. Sanchez, but his real name is Greg Entner) around drive in a van and pick up random girls and fuck them. But the videos that they show aren't showing everything. Before that bitch gets in the van with the three guys, they actually tell the girl what she's in for, and that they'll pay her a shit load of money to pretend that it's not staged, and to be cooperative. They also first check to see if she is over the age of 18, and if shes got any STD's. Then the girl actually signs a legal contract saying that she has understood everything, and that she is willing to do this, and that she cannot change her mind. Then she is payed, and then 'legally' fucked. And then at the end, without the girl knowing, they actually do ditch her in the middle of nowhere, but she has been already payed.
bangbus is so fake, but wtf its porn
by aguynamedandy October 09, 2005
The name of the Persian Mafia.

Originated by Persians (Iranians/Iranian-Americans) in suburban Los Angeles in the '90s. A very popular group.
The symbol of Persian pride is P.P. or PP.

And if you want to make it by hand, you simply make two P's with both hands, and stick them down, and one P is going to be backwards.
by aguynamedandy September 27, 2005
Also known as Parsi, or Persian.

The main, and official language in Iran, and Afghanistan. (Persian Farsi, Afghan Farsi.) The Farsi in both countries are stlightly different. But if a true Persian and a true Afghan meet for the first time, they will understand each other. Basically it's like comparing the American English to the British English.

It is one of the oldest languages still in use today.

It is an ancient Indo-European language.
If you want to say "How are you" in Persian Farsi you'd say:

"Ha'al e shomah chetoreh"

If you want to say "How are you" in Afghan Farsi you'd say:

"Afha'al e shomah chetor"
by aguynamedandy October 01, 2005
Obviously all white, rock loving, rednecks, wrote about 95% of all these pathetic, judgemental definitions. Obviously all those people listened to a little bit of music from 50 Cent for about 1 minute, and officially said: "Rap is full of shit, its not music, its just talking, no talent, and its all about drugs, sex, violence, gangs, guns, rape, money, hoes, pimps, and all that shit."

That is Buuulllllshiiiit! 50 Cent has no talent anymore. So stop listening to 50 Cent and saying this is fake ass bullshit.

These assholes need to listen to some 2Pac, Eminem, and Jay-Z. 2Pac made a song called: Keep Ya Head Up. Its very postive and has nothing at all to do with drugs, sex, and violence. Eminem made a song: Mockingbird. Nothing involving drugs and sex. Jay-Z made a song: December 4th. All about his life, and a very nice song. All abosolutely clean of everything people assume is in rap. I hate it when people who have never even listened to at the most, 2 minutes of rap in their whole lifetime, assume that its always negative. Plus rapping is a lot more than just talking. And it does require talent. To be rapping is to be rhyming poetry very quickly and loudly, to a beat, in a rhythm (which is the hardest part), in a stressed to unstressed form.

Now how can you call that JUST talking?

Writing good lyrics and making good beats are very hard and essential to an excellent rap song.
Rap is music. Very real and entertaining.
by aguynamedandy July 28, 2005
Some shit that white people really need
Hey we need melanin so we will be at least tannish
by aguynamedandy October 10, 2005
deragetory term for mexicans in farsi (persian). It literally means "bean." Usually used as an insult. But usually persians dont got much problems with mexicans
Mexican: Fuck you, you little sand-nigger! Chinga tu madre, camel jockey. Little stupid iraní.
Persian: Goheh sag, khafeh sho lubia, beechareh! Boropeyeh caret toon, boro tacos dorostkon.
by aguynamedandy September 11, 2005

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