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6 definitions by kami

A very sweet, easy-going, tabby cat whose hobby is sleeping. His most cherished possession is his super-soft, cloud-like cushion and he was born in Japan on May 25th.
Nyago snoozed on his super-soft cushion.
by Kami January 26, 2004
Adjective for an exotic and scintillating woman. Must be dressed exquisitely.
She looked absolutely xintillating in that dress!
by Kami July 02, 2003
Weird yet calm at the same time. She carries around a baseball bat to smack you with. Read the sign dummy. It says not to feed her.
Let's go to the zoo Mother! I want to see the kami!
by Kami January 01, 2004
1. Viciously slaughtering, to make meat out of someone.

2. Misspelling of the word meeting.
1. He meated her real good with his sword!

2. He was away meating his friend when an unknown assailant suddenly jumped out and stabbed him multiple times in the chest.
by kami January 13, 2004
ummm...to all u dumb assholes who put stuff on here...get a life...ur fucking GAY!
if u wanna say sumthing why dont u say it to me?....PUSSY!!!
by kami May 15, 2004
Shortened from "Kamikaze." Perverted, jackass, dumbass guy; Ric.
Lol, its Kami, lol.
by Kami July 22, 2003