North Jersey GOP chairman that tries to cut deals with Taxcrell only to get ass his kicked in election by half-witted tavern owner. Blames minorities in Paterson for all his problems rather than the fact he's a cracker moron. Friend and criminal compadre of the Totowa Trickster but lacks the talent.
"If the Meat-heads the Republican Candidate, I'm voting Democrat!"
by Sharpe J. February 08, 2005
Aaron Privett , fat headed mongaloid prick who hits people in the eye with chewed up sweets and has a girl friend who looks like an extra from star wars
" meat head and jabba are going out this evening! "
A term commonly used in the military for a military police officer. They are referred as a meat head due to their red beret.
"Hey Sergeant slow this Jeep down, this base is crawling with meat heads."
by Kenny-B January 22, 2007
Word often used by chavs. Chavs ARE meatheads but prefer to blame it on someone else. A meathead I would say means there head is full of meat, not brain, meat.
Chav: Wat muzik do ya lyk den?
Sane person: I like good music like Rock and Indie.
Chav: Awwww MEATHEAD!
Sane person: No...I think that's you.
by Scattered182 October 01, 2005
Someone who has a log for a neck. Cant see their neck as it is so meaty, blends into their shoulders.
Look at dan, that meathead!
by Andrew Lingford June 06, 2005
A guy who can generally be quite big or muscly and is not very intelligent. A person that says stupid things, and think they are saying something that is sensible. They makes comments without thinking about them first. However this term is not rude but be used about your friends in a jokey light manner.
Jo he is such a meathead. Inmaths he did the stupidest thing...

You are such a meathead,lol
by ET May 22, 2005
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