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Meat head is a term synonymous with the term "red-neck" in the United States' society. Red necks are misogynists who drink a lot of beer and watch NASCAR religiously. Meat heads are misogynists who drink a lot of beer and watch Football religiously. On the useless-asshole spectrum a meat head would be on one end, representing the ingrates of the yuppie culture. On the other end of the spectrum would be the red necks, representing the ingrates of the blue collar working class culture. Note that sometimes a person can be both partially meat head and redneck.
God, if only it weren't for all the meat heads and rednecks, we would live in an ideal world.
by wishmaster828282 October 23, 2007
6 15
A term commonly used in the military for a military police officer. They are referred as a meat head due to their red beret.
"Hey Sergeant slow this Jeep down, this base is crawling with meat heads."
by Kenny-B January 22, 2007
9 18
A male or female ex-militant who cannot seem to separate their former duties from citizen or professional life; endlessly blathering about their experiences overseas and how those somehow give merit to their current level of intelligence; lift and exercise profusely and yet fill their bodies with the same garbage they were fed during their service; and ironically, appear to have the close-mindedness of an ape on bad acid who's never left their own back yard; experienced their whole service in a neatly-made box with two holes poked in it
Bob: "Didn't Rachel serve overseas?"
Jane: "Yeah, still the same girl."
Bob: "Psh, meathead."
by bittersweetman February 02, 2011
1 11
A very large head
"you have meat head"
or "meat"
or "you have meat"
by A-l-e-x--p December 05, 2008
3 13
Word often used by chavs. Chavs ARE meatheads but prefer to blame it on someone else. A meathead I would say means there head is full of meat, not brain, meat.
Chav: Wat muzik do ya lyk den?
Sane person: I like good music like Rock and Indie.
Chav: Awwww MEATHEAD!
Sane person: No...I think that's you.
by Scattered182 October 01, 2005
22 32
Someone who has a log for a neck. Cant see their neck as it is so meaty, blends into their shoulders.
Look at dan, that meathead!
by Andrew Lingford June 06, 2005
15 25
A Small Brained Individual, Who thinks about nothing but Lifting Weights, Protein Shakes, NAPS, Wearing Cutoffs, Night Clubs, and impressing, women, usually 2 to 3 years younger than themselves. They Wear Shirts too small and, don’t care about school until they find out benching 350 pounds wont get them a job at the big business. Meatheads will have a myspace, showing numerous pictures of themselves flexing and showing off their polished muscles. Future involves bagging food at local convenient store. When having spare time they can be found at the local, GNC. Meatheads associate themselves as in some sort of mafia ex: Sleeveless, Mafia. In 10 years you can usually find this, mafia working a low wage job like blockbuster cashier, or of a fast food restaurant reminiscing of their high school, glory days!
Gerald is usualy a Strong Meathead name along with Carl

perfect Example http://myspace.com/213951608
by M-Twon July 23, 2007
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