One that cannot think or talk about anything except rowing, riding, wieghts or other forms of strenous activity.
T: S, what are you doing tonight?
S: Oh, a 20min ergo then 40min ride then 5km run, pretty standard
by the guy who is classified as h2 August 20, 2003
A Small Brained Individual, Who thinks about nothing but Lifting Weights, Protein Shakes, NAPS, Wearing Cutoffs, Night Clubs, and impressing, women, usually 2 to 3 years younger than themselves. They Wear Shirts too small and, don’t care about school until they find out benching 350 pounds wont get them a job at the big business. Meatheads will have a myspace, showing numerous pictures of themselves flexing and showing off their polished muscles. Future involves bagging food at local convenient store. When having spare time they can be found at the local, GNC. Meatheads associate themselves as in some sort of mafia ex: Sleeveless, Mafia. In 10 years you can usually find this, mafia working a low wage job like blockbuster cashier, or of a fast food restaurant reminiscing of their high school, glory days!
Gerald is usualy a Strong Meathead name along with Carl

perfect Example
by M-Twon OH July 23, 2007
A heavily built male, though not fat, with wrists the size of tree trunks. Their ability to develop muscle by going to the gym is unmatched by any other human specie. They are usually so enthralled with themselves and their heavy, hairy bodies that they become very irritating to be around. They think they are hot shit, when really they are flat-footed peasants built like neanderthalic farmers. Some females, usually of lower societal status, often find meat heads to be particularly attractive, while viewing those with slim, sophisticated body-types, who are much better looking, to be skinny little underfed runts. This is of course a ludicrous notion, however many of these girls believe it as they are from hick parts of the world where they lack general education and the ability to think critically and be open-minded about things that have not necessarily been conditioned by Disney to believe.
The term 'Meat head' applies to any college male that constantly goes to the gym and flexes in the mirror even though they are not particularly good looking, but still get a lot of female attention due, partially, to their high level of conceit and cockiness and the willingness of ditzy, dumb bitches.
by MaleModels Inc. February 22, 2010
People that have absolutley no lives that lift and eat protein all day. And because they lift they think they are tough but they cannot fight for shit, they can barley move their arms. Think they're the shit (football players/Lacrosse) but really everyone hates them. Also pick on people who are half their size to feel good about themselves when they will get fucked up by anyone with balls.
meathead 1 "Yo man you wana go lift after school?"
meathead 2 "Yeah of course, what do you wana take after protein shakes or creatine?"
meathead 1 "Uhhh...BOTH"

kid 1 "Yo did you see those meatheads those kids think they're so tough"
kid 2 "they really need lives, I cant wait till thad kid shuts there big ass mouth up".
by Antimeathead April 16, 2007
a highly ammusing contributor to specialising in Nine Inch Nails hummour.
meathead rocks.
by tranquil_demon September 06, 2003
A meat-eater; a carnivore.

A male or a female who exclusively eats meat, or who would rather skip a meal without some sort of meat in it. Someone who would rather eat steak tartar than any kind of vegetable. A person who thinks vegetarians are crazy and probably malnourished. Someone who doesn't think it's food unless there were once bones in it. Someone who is offered fish, duck or chicken and asks "Where's the beef?"
If the choice for breakfast is oatmeal or dry cerial a meathead will whine about his missing bacon. Even eggs don't cut it without bacon or at least sausage. A meathead won't even enjoy huevos rancheros for brunch much less quiche. Better get him a steak.
We invited him to the best vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco, but that meathead said he'd rather go order himself a Whopper at Burger King.
by yogionefromobie March 08, 2011
some body who is mad dumb and does something that is rely ridiculous and u cant believe it happened.
Yo you smacked that girl and your a dude your such a meathead
by Marquis95 May 16, 2011
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