dick head, there's not much more to it than that
Dude your being such a meat head
by MLynn2 March 08, 2007
A guy with a swollen head, or a the common jock. Also a man with no neck. The face, and chest meld together like chopmeat, there fore he is a meat head. Also a guy who works out to much, and has a disgustingly thick neck.
Kev is such a meat head.
by Virgin Of Luck June 26, 2006
super muscular puertorican baseball players who often arent aware of how great their bodies are. People often make fun of them because of how amazing they are. there bodies are in peak physical condition, also a guido

synonym: i want u to put that shirtless pic up
steve ur such a meathead, i wish my body was that nice
by sgpuerto October 04, 2010
mac backer for the raiders
o man that meat head stole my tackle!!!
by the centerizer August 21, 2008
A person with a fucking massive head. You usually need to slap it, this is called a meat head slap.
Yo look at that meat head. His head is massive!
by Elliott Ayling January 20, 2008
Meat head is a term synonymous with the term "red-neck" in the United States' society. Red necks are misogynists who drink a lot of beer and watch NASCAR religiously. Meat heads are misogynists who drink a lot of beer and watch Football religiously. On the useless-asshole spectrum a meat head would be on one end, representing the ingrates of the yuppie culture. On the other end of the spectrum would be the red necks, representing the ingrates of the blue collar working class culture. Note that sometimes a person can be both partially meat head and redneck.
God, if only it weren't for all the meat heads and rednecks, we would live in an ideal world.
by wishmaster828282 October 23, 2007
Someone who was a bald head that gets in the way of your viewing sight during something important.
Ah no, this meathead is in my way again.
by Kyle Smeer June 03, 2006
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