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Immediately removing all traces of likes, comments, and other junk from your Facebook wall so that people you're "friends" with (95 percent of whom you dislike and just have to accept to maintain decorum in work and family relationships) can't track you, judge you, know anything about who you are or what you are doing or who's involved in your life.
Whitewalling allows Roger to maintain control over his online identity.
by Tre33333 November 13, 2010
The ambulance waiting in the wings at sporting events to whisk concussed, paralyzed, and otherwise incapacitated gladiators off to the hospital, which is the first stop of the rest of their lives of long, slow mental and physical deterioration.
"How many meathead wagons were should we schedule for this weekend's football game?" - Coach #1

"Ah, fifteen oughta do it." - Coach #2

"Hey, great thing the 90% of the school's extracurricular budget is for the football program." - Coach #1

"Yeah, no doubt. Just a matter of time before the library and chorus money gets sent our way, too." - Coach #2
by TrE33333 November 20, 2010

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