1. being kind of like a bum nart. 2. being a jack ass
Braedyn is always a meat head.
by braedyn! February 10, 2004
Someone who eats a ton of food is a fatass , and lifts every night
tanner tan is a meathead
by your biotch December 21, 2004
england south west academy.
oooh look at that twat what a meat head!
by RG July 04, 2003
a person that has no life but weight lifting a nd smells and has no friends
Matt Mervaue, Zack Zebarth, Dyaln thorington
by Nick November 04, 2003
A man who drinks heavily, then proceeds to, burp, fart, and break stuff.
Belushi in "Animal House"
by Kevin March 03, 2004
A narcissist person, generally males, who are into aesthetics. A meat head usually cannot help but look at their reflection any chance they get. Meat heads are usually insecure and feel the need to put others down to feel better about them. They lack morals and common sense. These people feel as if they were someone to idolize and feel they are better than anyone else. Meat heads are usually jerks to women. Meat heads are very immature and self-centered. They care about no one else but themselves and do not care who they hurt as long as they get what they want.
Meat head: "Aye bro, dare me to get at this guy's girl."
by pinkunicornlove February 18, 2015
An enormous, muscular man who lifts weights for countless hours in the gym in order to get big. Usually wear cut offs and shirts as tight as leggings to expose their muscles. Always have a jug of water with them everywhere. The only subject that you will hear them talking about is weightlifting and protein. They tend to drive fast sports cars or street bikes. They are mostly seen at Planet Fitness getting their pump on since it's the most legitimate gym out there. They bench press more than what they squat which is why you see some of them with big upper bodies and skinny legs. Constantly say bodybuilding quotes such as "Go Big or Go Home" and "No Pain No Gain". They always communicate with bro and like to compare muscle sizes. Have ruined the sport of bodybuilding.
Hey dude check out that meat head benching 300lbs. I bet he couldn't even squat half of that with those skinny ass legs.
Hey look at those meat heads over there curling heavy weight but they sure are bending their back.
by vinceboy September 02, 2014

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