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The art of sculpting the body to show muscular finess. This can vary from extremely amateur, young, teenage kids who know very little about bodybuilding, to professional IBFF bodybuilders that take numerous steroids and live for what the majority of the populace would see as freakish musculature.
Bodybuilding is like Fight Club...I was on a plane the other day, sitting in my seat at the back of the plane. I looked up and saw a guy get on the plane...big guy. I knew he lifted. I knew he ate oatmeal and egg whites for breakfast. He looked at me. He knew I lifted. He knew I had a protein shake before bed. We didnt say one word to each other ('cause he was all the way up front and I was in the back), but I knew...and he knew. Now that's some cool, Fight Club type shit. Bodybuilding is the best thing since sliced bread...whole grain bread that is. - adapted from the memoirs of g_g_g_unit
by brendan November 05, 2004
Bodybuilding (Boh-dee-bill-gay)
'Tis for men who like to grease themselves up, put on on a thong, and look at others doing the same, for purposes of sexual pleasure.
Commonly associated with fags, and the like, for their common interests- butt-sex, and naked dudes...
"Huh... I think that turkish guy does bodybuilding..."
"He's having sex with a dude..."
by What should I put here? August 05, 2008
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