A deformity that leaves a man the shape of a meatball caused by elephantiasis. Severe addiction to porn.
Is that a meatball on the field?
by cacalaka July 14, 2008
a computer surveilance nerd that's perverted
tony the eraser works for a vendetta on a state computer
by smart September 21, 2004
Someone who likes to eat
fat dave grodin
by Anonymous October 17, 2003
Used as a verb:
- To meatball, Meatballing
(1) To gain a large amount of weight and obtain obesity in a short amount of time due to intaking incredible amounts of food.
(2) The act of an obese individual rolling towards and over an innocent person.
- To be meatballed
(3) To be rolled over, bumped, squished, crushed, etc. by an obese person.

Used as a noun:
- Meatball
(4) A lump of meat, commonly found in spaghetti.
(5) An obese person, commonly refers to iHeretic.
- Meatballer (n):
(6) One who partakes in the act of meatballing (see definition 2)
- "Daniel, stop eating, if you don't you'll end up meatballing!"

- "Poor Billy got meatballed the other day, he nearly suffocated!"

- "After seeing a meatballer not too long ago I haven't been able to eat or look at spaghetti and meatballs.
by lolololololololwtf March 23, 2008
A fat Bitch who can't jump.
That meatball jumped like 2 inches off the ground.
by Kyle22 May 24, 2007
Is currently going out with Chris Pounce and in my opinion is extremely fit, woop woop.
Guy1: Hey look it's Meatball!
Guy2: Ooh I'm horny, let's go to our seperate houses and masturbate.
Guy1: Good idea.
by Poke December 29, 2004
When a girl is in her period u get Two forks Shove it up a her pussy watch the blood GUSH out and mix it with the Chili (an other word i made) u made the other day and noddles and have a nice meal
hey rember when i Meat Balled u ??
by Jonny A. October 07, 2004

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