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When two partners engage in sexual intercourse and the male performs cunnilingus on the female during her menstrual cycle, he inadvertently collects some of her uterine lining into his mouth. As he finishes the oral sex, the two partners kiss, and the male spits the detritus of blood and menstrual chunks back into her mouth. This is the art of "meatballing," as the chunks represent what looks like a meatball.
"So, what are you ordering for dinner?"

"Spaghetti and meatballs."

"That's disgusting!"
by Chef Boyardee April 20, 2005
When a dude pulls his sack over his penis and it makes a lump that looks like a meatball
Paulena: the other day Chase pulled his scrotum over his penis. Can most boys do that?

Connor: Yes. We all can. It's called meatballing.
by Chef boyardee March 27, 2015
The act of sucking chunky menstruation out of a girl's vagina during her period.
Guy 1 : "I went meatballing last night"
Guy 2 : "How did that work out for you?"
Guy 3 : "I got lots of extra protein and iron"
by Lucavi A. D. February 19, 2009
When a dude pulls his sack over his wang to make a lump that looks like a meatball
Paulena: My boyfriend just pulled his sack over his wang. Can other guys do that?
Connor: Yes, we all can. It's called "Meatballing."
by Chef boyardee March 28, 2015
When two drunk individuals male or female start sharing their emotions with each other.
Guy 1: I love you man seriously your my best friend. I know I'm drunk but seriously man I love you bro.

Guy 2: dude your meatballing me right now.
by Meatball king February 11, 2011
Having sex while one's genitals (balls and shaft) are filthy dirty.
My girlfriend can't stand meat-balling; she even makes me wash my junk before she'll touch me.

After a long day of work, I meat-balled my girl before taking my shower.

by TheBoyz April 12, 2008
The act of riding a girl doggystyle while testicals slap against the bootie. Italian chef hat optional!
Mario was really meatballing Lisa last night.
by drumerboiee December 05, 2011
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