A person who feels extreme jealousy towards another person for any reason. Also known as a hater.
I can't wait to bust these meatballs heads with my new Louie.
by Brenus Williter March 01, 2005
Tinned testicles in a gravy sauce.
"Hey! So that's where my left nutsack went..."
by Mr. Stab July 09, 2004
Chunky discharge from a woman's vagina during menstruation that guys suck down.
Guy 1 : "Mary was spewing meatballs last night?
Guy 2 : "She made you spaghetti?"
Guy 1 : "She was on her period"
Guy 2 : "Mmm ... extra protein"
by Lucavi A.D. February 19, 2009
a fat idiot
Yo mario, yo is a meatball nigga!
by B-Radd November 06, 2003
A very famous song by The Dollars.
Dude did you hear that new kick ass song Meatball by The Dollars?
Dude I made that song!
by Leo July 02, 2004
A big dick daddy who gets all tha women
John H
by John July 28, 2003
Little crusty bits of toilet paper clinging to ones butt-hair.
Dave: "Dude, I just had to comb a shitload of meatballs out of my ass hair.
Jack: "Dammit Dave, talking to you is like jumping in a barrel of broken glass, walking through the salt deserts of africa, rolling in a pile of razor blades, then bathing in lemon juice. Except much less fun."
by anonymous-ish April 19, 2006

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