A nickname for the frensel lens system used by the U.S. Navy to guide pilots onto an aircraft carrier.
During the approach Jazz kept his eye on the meatball.
by Colin Ritter August 06, 2003
2 beautiful,and funny ass girls who just like to get wild and have fun, and surround themselves with idiots who use this website as their bible.
Ex 1.
"I love my meatball"
"I love you too meatball!"

Ex 2.
"Damn,I love the meatballs!"

Ex 3.
"Damnnnn I saw you two get wild last nighttt. Meatballllllin for sure."
by jajasuckitbitches November 13, 2011
Noun. One who is short, round and juicy.
Verb. An embarrassing maneuver that demoralizes the subject
Jake looks like a meatball.
Did you see that guy get meatballed?
by BOC7711 September 20, 2010
The last and game-winning ball in a game of foosball. In many tournaments, the first team to 7 wins the game. If the score is tied 6-6, then the next ball scored will be the game winner, and is called meatball
We won the game, set and match on a meatball. Or, before serving this ball, the server calls out "Meatball!"
by Boon in Belize April 26, 2008
1) an oddly-shaped person, usually out of shape. This doesn't necessarily mean they are that fat, just saggy or something.
2) a very round person who is shorter than average.
Look at that meatball. He looks like a fatter version of Danny De Vito.
by apoerwnbpna October 05, 2010
1) the best italian food ever... especially when made by an old italian guy

2) the nickname of the best funniest guy in the world. The best guyfriend, best boyfriend, best neighbor. Good person to teach you sports, great bod, and great food
Girl one: what's for dinner?
Girl two: Meatballs, homemade!
Girl one: YUM!!!!

Girl: Meatball!
Meatball: Hey, watsup, i was just gonna play baseball? wanna join me?
Girl: sure, but i'm really bad grabs the bat and gets into the stance
Meatball smirks: that's okay, i'll teach you, and we can correct your stance first off
Girl blushes: told you i was bad
by DISappear2888 April 13, 2009
A street slang for a unit of currency used in the vocabulary of transients and vegabonds.
Yo bitch! Give me the meatball!
Sorry Sucka I don't get paid till Friday!
by Scooter Brown February 08, 2008

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