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Something or a person that is the best thing ever.
That Audi TT is the dogs bollocks!
by minge monkey April 23, 2003
a colloquial term, used mainly in england. bollocks being bad, dogs bollocks meaning good.
bollocks, my nose is bleeding.

that punch was the dogs bollocks.
by purefuckinbrit September 22, 2005
Something really cool. Something you want real bad. Used in England.
Man, that car is the dogs bollocks
by Timo April 28, 2003
something that is super cool
man, the sex we had last night was the dogs bollocks!
by craig February 16, 2004
Special style Korean meatballs.
Mr. A: Those Koreans eat too many dogs.

Mr. B (A Korean): ...The spaghetti e polpette last night was the dogs bollocks.

Mr. A: Oh, ok... *wonders if he is speaking literally*
by Mr. Wun Hung Low March 18, 2008
when you have the absolute best possible hand in texas holdem
that silly mfer is so dumb hed fold the dogs bollocks if you put him all in
by nick_pepper October 09, 2004
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