Meatball is a term to describe a rather dumb person. We all know the kind of people who never get the joke when its told. That is a meatball and they usually lack common sense.
Johnny Applebottom: hey man that meatball just picked up a tranny and mistaked it for a broad... even after they had sex!!
Smelly Kelly: Ew man totally meatarded.
by dan gemmbont February 10, 2007
All of these other definitions are retarded, it's not that fucking serious. It's a food, not chunky discharge, not a short girl and not the Japanese. It's a fucking ball of meat. THAT'S ALL IT IS!!
Today I made linguine with meatballs and marinara sauce. That's how you use meatball in a sentence.
by Caesarspeaks March 28, 2015
A term used in baseball when a pitcher throws either a very slow pitch or a pitch that is very easy to hit.
"Oh, we're gonna' rip this pitchers tits. He throws meatballs."
by Beastmode02 June 24, 2009
a term used during world war ii by the americans refering to the japanese. The large red circle on the flag vehicles and airplanes slightly rembles a meatball.
There's Meatballs in the air.
by Al_the_alky July 21, 2005
A group of 6 very meaty but very swoll young adults. A meatball never does cardio or legs. The vape and the gym go hand in hand.
God that kid is such a meatball, you should fuck him right now. Look at that fat cloud he just blew!
via giphy
by Meatmanvape August 10, 2016
A meatball is a girl that goes the the gym and is serious about gaining muscle mass. She tries hard but is seen to other gym bunnies as a meathead. But girls can't be meatheads unless they take steroids. This, the term "meatball".
Sarah Is addicted to working out. She goes to the gym everyday. She works out with the guys. She is literally obsessed with working out. Therefore she is a meatball
by Jewlbeth May 02, 2016
A short fat tan girl. Or someone who's acting like a retard.
Boy: Hey look at her she's pretty hot.

Boy 2: Ewww Dude she's a total meatball.
by thegirlsaid March 30, 2011
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