A cute and sweet guy who you usually fall in love with as soon as you meet them. Theyre usually charming and awkward but very easy to get along with. A Matthew is 'a gift of God'; a gift to a very special person, preferably an Ellie. Matthew always says the truth, but may hide things in order to not hurt another person. But what they say they feel is true and pure. Anyone would be lucky to have a Matthew by their side because they are loving, caring, and give extremely great hugs. You can't help falling in deep love with Matthew.
Can we go cududdle now, Matthew?
#sexy #cute #adorable #great #funny #mexican #mattieu #mathew #gift of god #sarcasm
by realmoneyg January 07, 2015
Someone who is so amazing and so unique in every way possible, they never fail to make you laugh or smile, when you see them you immediately fall in love with them, there so outgoing and so handsome and also very flirty but they make you forget about the world and you just wanna be with them for the the rest of your life, they make you feel special and they make you happy and you don't want anyone else but them.
i want a relationship with a Matthew
#matt #mattres #love #forever #my life
by soccerlover5 April 19, 2015
A shithead
You are such a Matthew
#idiot #retard #stupid #annoying #gay
by Laxlife November 13, 2014
A sexy son of a bitch. A sex god. Gets all of the bitches.
Man i wish i was Matthew! He gets all the bitches
#mat #matt #mathew #babe #sexy
by Carlos Jose Velazuela Garcia November 26, 2013
Matthew- means Gift from God. Best compatble with Jessica, once together they will become soulmates. Matthews are more then likey to not to wear trousers and will jessica be the more dominate. Matthwes also try to please thier love ones in as many ways as possible. Overall Matthews tend to be whipped.
Dude 1. Jessica you need to find yourself a matthew.
Dude 2. I know.
#whipped #denail #soulmates #god #matthews
by 10ft tall avacado December 07, 2011
someone you could really learn something from.
open minded.
big hearted.
Matthew is very intelligent and is on that next level.
#intelligent #starchild #level #parallel #heart #mind #balanced
by JuicyPineapple February 20, 2015
A really Good looking guy with probably a huge cock. hes sweet, loving, caring, funny, lovable guy. Hes actually really smart its just he doesnt feel the need to show it. His name means "Gift of God". He has many friends. Loves spending time with Friends and Family a lot. he will do anything to make a loved one happy. and if youre sad/depresses or really upset. hes the shoulder to cry on. he knows how to treat a lady no matter what. he hates hurting a loved ones. never let him get away. if he likes you, youre kinda lucky because youre his world
youre the best, Matthew!
#cute #sweet #smart #awesome #loving
by awesome person2000 January 14, 2015
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