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matthew a very sexy guy with a very sexy body. He loves mountian dew, lego rockband, and def leppard. He is very sweet and caring and everyone loves him.
i wish matthew was my boyfriend!
by mrs.jansen January 22, 2010
The under dog. Someone who you thought was a nerd and wasnt athletic or charming that actually turned out to be all of those things and more.
Woah, that kid just killed it! He must be a Matthew.
by Stu-DTown December 07, 2011
A tall really cute ,athletic, swee,funny charming and smart guy. He has a great personality, gorgeus green , with a really hot voice. He is liked by many but only has eyes for the girl he loves
Person1: I am so glad we are going out with Matthews.
Person2: I know, we're just that special.
by mimick December 01, 2011
A guy who is super sweet. He normally has darker hair. He is funny and can make almost anyone laugh. He thinks he has more swag than he really does;)... just something I've noticed about most Matthews. He has a beautiful name, obviouslyy. He's cool.
Wow, he's so sweet, must be a Matthew.
by thegirlinthecornersittingthere August 18, 2011
A Matthew is an amazing best friend and big brother. Matthew can be kind of emo sometimes, but is cooler than all the other emo kids. He doesn't think he looks good, but everyone, even straight guys, thinks he's a stud. He loves to play video games and has a really boring security job that should pay him more money. Matthew is obsessed with cookies and hates Fedex because they always eat his cookies and other desserts, such as carrot cake, that his sister tries to mail to him. Matthew is the big brother that all parents want for their daughters. He is protective and rescues his sister from creepers, sex machines, and other horrible men/boyfriends. Matthew has a lot of female friends because he is such a sweet guy and all the girls want him. In fact, so many girls want him that he's single because he can't choose! Yeah. That's how awesome he is. Other guys are jealous of Matthew because their girlfriends secretly want to do him.
Girl: Whoa, Matthew's a stud!

Johnny Depp: What about me?

Girl: Ew, Matthew makes you look hideous...
by RocketGrunt August 20, 2011
awesomely sexy beast the sexiest beast around...big and hairy looks a lot like big foot may be called sasquatch, tonto, grizzly adams, and big foot plays basketball a lot... is always asked if that person is old enough to drink.
Look at that matthews guy he is just good looking.
by ROUND HOUSE MAN May 22, 2008
a wonderfully wonderful and amazingly amazing guy who might actually make you believe in love, if you don't. he's the kind of guy that brightens each and every day, who makes you truly thankful for what you have. he's the guy that you always look forward to seeing in the mornings, before work or school, whichever one applies to you. sweet, gorgeous, and so freaking modest, he'll be the one you say goodnight to.
Look at that Matthew.
He should ask Sherry out.


They say the happiest place in the world is Disney. Obviously, they haven't been in Matthew's arms.
by you.know.me.skater.girl.1023 April 30, 2012