A sexy son of a bitch. A sex god. Gets all of the bitches.
Man i wish i was Matthew! He gets all the bitches
by Carlos Jose Velazuela Garcia November 26, 2013
Matthew is a smooth talking man who will talk to anyone and can easily convince even the most intelligent person that black is in fact white.He will sweep you off your feet and declare undying love for you while all the time he is still playing the field.Be very wary of Matthew he has a way with words that will make you believe he is sorry and give him another chance.Only those fooled more than once by Matthew will have the ability to see through this man.Matthew's only true love is himself!
He is such a Matthew
by 95 March 26, 2011
someone you could really learn something from.
open minded.
big hearted.
Matthew is very intelligent and is on that next level.
by JuicyPineapple February 20, 2015
A really Good looking guy with probably a huge cock. hes sweet, loving, caring, funny, lovable guy. Hes actually really smart its just he doesnt feel the need to show it. His name means "Gift of God". He has many friends. Loves spending time with Friends and Family a lot. he will do anything to make a loved one happy. and if youre sad/depresses or really upset. hes the shoulder to cry on. he knows how to treat a lady no matter what. he hates hurting a loved ones. never let him get away. if he likes you, youre kinda lucky because youre his world
youre the best, Matthew!
by awesome person2000 January 14, 2015
Matthews are loveable, nice, sweet, caring, and kind. He always knows how to make you feel special inside. Matthew's are also known as Matts. His words are like magic and never fail to keep you happy. Matt's are easy to fall for and once you fall for them you can't get up. They are the best things in the world to fine. once u find one never let them go. Whether its as your boyfriend or guy friend they are special no matter what anybody says. I love my Matthew.
See that guy over there?
yeah that's matthew
by himhimhimhimhim September 29, 2014
A regular average Californian male. Laid back and chill, this mildly common creature can often appear high to those who don't know otherwise. Though kind and always available, this species is highly deflective. Usually, Matthews only share their true feelings with a soul mate. Very often, these creatures will also become particularly attached to certain words. The words vary greatly, ranging from sexual to biscuits to Britney Spears. Though mostly comprised of these positive features, Matthews can develop extremely douchebag-like tendencies, often resulting in womanizing. After extended periods of this behavior, Matthews will often go into a state of depression and likely distance themselves from loved ones. These states of depression can cause substance abuse, alcoholism, and cutting in extreme cases. Also, a Matthews trust is difficult to gain and very easy to lose, so caution is advised. Despite all of these major flaws, Matthews remain fun and spontaneous to be around (provided they trust you), and they will always lend a helping hand.
"My friend ditched his girlfriend to drive me to my cousin's funeral today."
"Wow. He's a total Matthew."

"Oh my gosh. My brother was talking about how he'd run out of virgin ass at his school today."
"Your brother is such a jerky Matthew."

"I really like this guy, but he won't open up to me."
"He's a Matthew. It just takes time."
by Darth Biscuit February 01, 2013
A guy with a big cock who can have sex like no other smart,funny,and great in the bed matthew can make you laugh even if you feel like you want to die
Oh I'm so sore oh Matthew!
by matthrw March 27, 2015

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