A super hot guy, who is usually into music, reggae, plays guitar, ukelele, drums, and sometimes piano. Can sing really well. Really sweet, kind caring, smart, cute, funny. Usually meets their soulmate on Omegle and they make really good couples with girls named Nadia.
"Wow, look at that guy, he looks like a Matthew."
by ilikefoodandunicorns September 25, 2011
Greek for eternal sex god. Hes sexy athletic hot and he gets all the girls. anyone that holds this name has a great level of skill and ability to perform sexual acts. Hes that one guy who can catch a shoe on his foot even though his foot is 2 sizes bigger.

What nobody knows about Matthew is that hes rescues Baby Pandas from bamboo fires and intercepting missiles over war torn countries with a frisbee. He secretly is a superhero at night. He has a nice toothbrush. Hes so sexy he gets laid everynight.
Girl 1: OMG I want to make love to Matthew

Girl 2: Well u can't

Girl 1: y not
Girl 2: im his wife and I make love ro him everynight
Girl 1: ur so lucky😔
Girl 2: IKR😏
by miniman9532 May 23, 2014
A sexy son of a bitch. A sex god. Gets all of the bitches.
Man i wish i was Matthew! He gets all the bitches
by Carlos Jose Velazuela Garcia November 26, 2013
He has much less class than zane and the rest of the world. A non classy person
Matthew says he has class but he doesnt
by llamaa=damaaa March 28, 2013
To mess up ones fake tanning attempt resulting in an orange and white striped tiger-like look.
Check out how patchy that girl is, she has done a Matthews!
by BlueRover July 07, 2011
Really cute, very sweet guy. He's the best guy friend a girl could ask for! He listens to your constant complaints, never judges you, is okay with being weird with you, and is just about perfect. He would be an ideal boyfriend! When he likes a girl, he leaves her cute notes and thoughtful presents. The only bad thing about Matthew is that it's way too easy to fall in love with him. <3
Girl 1: Oh my gosh, I just got Matthew's number!! He seems like he might like me!

Girl 2: Awesome! Keep me posted!

Next Week:

Girl 1: I think I'm in love... :(

Girl 2: Why is that bad??

Girl 1: He likes another girl! I thought he actually liked me. I guess he was just being sweet. *sigh*
by HaiImAwkward January 20, 2013
Some kid who everyone thinks is an ugly kid, but he has piercing sea-blue eyes, and dirty blonde hair. He's always faithful, and loves the girl he's with. Also intelligent.
Hey, look at Matthew over there, he's so ugly and I hear he has lizard rabies.

Hey! He's my boyfriend, and he isn't ugly on the inside! Learn more about him beforehand, dick biscuit!
by BladeF January 13, 2012

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