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Really cute, very sweet guy. He's the best guy friend a girl could ask for! He listens to your constant complaints, never judges you, is okay with being weird with you, and is just about perfect. He would be an ideal boyfriend! When he likes a girl, he leaves her cute notes and thoughtful presents. The only bad thing about Matthew is that it's way too easy to fall in love with him. <3
Girl 1: Oh my gosh, I just got Matthew's number!! He seems like he might like me!

Girl 2: Awesome! Keep me posted!

Next Week:

Girl 1: I think I'm in love... :(

Girl 2: Why is that bad??

Girl 1: He likes another girl! I thought he actually liked me. I guess he was just being sweet. *sigh*
by HaiImAwkward January 20, 2013
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Greek for eternal sex god. Hes sexy athletic hot and he gets all the girls. anyone that holds this name has a great level of skill and ability to perform sexual acts. Hes that one guy who can catch a shoe on his foot even though his foot is 2 sizes bigger.

What nobody knows about Matthew is that hes rescues Baby Pandas from bamboo fires and intercepting missiles over war torn countries with a frisbee. He secretly is a superhero at night. He has a nice toothbrush. Hes so sexy he gets laid everynight.
Girl 1: OMG I want to make love to Matthew

Girl 2: Well u can't

Girl 1: y not
Girl 2: im his wife and I make love ro him everynight
Girl 1: ur so lucky😔
Girl 2: IKR😏
by miniman9532 May 23, 2014
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He has a HUGE COCK.

Generally is very hot and has sexy blue eyes.

He is very muscular and athletic.

Is big on the outside ;), but sensitive and caring on the inside.
OMG is that a Matthew? Look at the size of his cock!

Oh you will never catch him, his dick brings all the girls to the yard. Damn right its bigger than yours!

OMG look at that guy's sexy blue eyes.

That is a Matthew, yeah they are all so sexy and muscular.
by Mother Of God November 17, 2013
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A regular average Californian male. Laid back and chill, this mildly common creature can often appear high to those who don't know otherwise. Though kind and always available, this species is highly deflective. Usually, Matthews only share their true feelings with a soul mate. Very often, these creatures will also become particularly attached to certain words. The words vary greatly, ranging from sexual to biscuits to Britney Spears. Though mostly comprised of these positive features, Matthews can develop extremely douchebag-like tendencies, often resulting in womanizing. After extended periods of this behavior, Matthews will often go into a state of depression and likely distance themselves from loved ones. These states of depression can cause substance abuse, alcoholism, and cutting in extreme cases. Also, a Matthews trust is difficult to gain and very easy to lose, so caution is advised. Despite all of these major flaws, Matthews remain fun and spontaneous to be around (provided they trust you), and they will always lend a helping hand.
"My friend ditched his girlfriend to drive me to my cousin's funeral today."
"Wow. He's a total Matthew."

"Oh my gosh. My brother was talking about how he'd run out of virgin ass at his school today."
"Your brother is such a jerky Matthew."

"I really like this guy, but he won't open up to me."
"He's a Matthew. It just takes time."
by Darth Biscuit February 01, 2013
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Matthew is a smooth talking man who will talk to anyone and can easily convince even the most intelligent person that black is in fact white.He will sweep you off your feet and declare undying love for you while all the time he is still playing the field.Be very wary of Matthew he has a way with words that will make you believe he is sorry and give him another chance.Only those fooled more than once by Matthew will have the ability to see through this man.Matthew's only true love is himself!
He is such a Matthew
by 95 March 26, 2011
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Matthew is a giant teddy bear. He's 6'3" and totes huggable. He has hair you just want to play in and cheeks you can't stop pinching. He's super hilarious and friendly. He plays saxophone and bums around on league of legends all day. He wears glasses and he used to have braces. He's liked a lot of girls and none of them are the girl who's sooooo infatuated with him. He always dates girls that seem right for him but never work out. He's a friend-zoner and a friend-zonee. But I guess everyone is. His most common nickname is Matt. Matthew is sometimes really blind to the obvious and very down to earth. He's a total dork and really likeable and that's it I guess.
Khamar ~ Hey noob, 420 blaze it
Matthew ~ Lol, you're so stupid.

Felicia ~ Matt, can i have a hug?
Matthew ~ No, dork. *hugs her anyways*
by Coolie be coolin'! February 03, 2014
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A Matthew is a guy who is tall, introverted, serious, and somewhat awkward yet mysteriously fuckable. Matthews usually have dark hair. However, there is a special species of Matthews known as the Mullins species which are blond-haired and extroverted. These Matthews are said to have magical social abilities and are well-liked, but regular Matthews are said to be better in bed.
"I really want to fuck a Matthew" - Said every smart person ever.
by janicenicoley January 12, 2014
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