A guy who will only drink tea on his own terms; who will wait until tea has been made and drunk by others before making himself a brew.
Friendly person: Hey Chuck, do you want some of this fresh delicious tea I've made?
Chuck: Nah, I'm gona do a Matthew. When it's stewed and cold I'll make my own.
by jambon April 16, 2013
someone you could really learn something from.
open minded.
big hearted.
Matthew is very intelligent and is on that next level.
by JuicyPineapple February 20, 2015
A really Good looking guy with probably a huge cock. hes sweet, loving, caring, funny, lovable guy. Hes actually really smart its just he doesnt feel the need to show it. His name means "Gift of God". He has many friends. Loves spending time with Friends and Family a lot. he will do anything to make a loved one happy. and if youre sad/depresses or really upset. hes the shoulder to cry on. he knows how to treat a lady no matter what. he hates hurting a loved ones. never let him get away. if he likes you, youre kinda lucky because youre his world
youre the best, Matthew!
by awesome person2000 January 14, 2015
Cute and sweet, kind and there for others. Pretends he's dangerous when really he's just adorable.
You have no self-discipline whatsoever. Why can't you be Matthew?
by mattfanclub April 24, 2014
A sexy son of a bitch. A sex god. Gets all of the bitches.
Man i wish i was Matthew! He gets all the bitches
by Carlos Jose Velazuela Garcia November 26, 2013
Matthew is a smooth talking man who will talk to anyone and can easily convince even the most intelligent person that black is in fact white.He will sweep you off your feet and declare undying love for you while all the time he is still playing the field.Be very wary of Matthew he has a way with words that will make you believe he is sorry and give him another chance.Only those fooled more than once by Matthew will have the ability to see through this man.Matthew's only true love is himself!
He is such a Matthew
by 95 March 26, 2011
The most handsome man ever. He is the most amazing guy in the world and no one could replace him. He is kind and tries to be nice got everyone. He has good taste in music. And his girlfriend is in love with him
Girl one:damn did u see Matthew.
Boy: I'm straight and he is fine
by theswagger June 29, 2015

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