Matthew- means Gift from God. Best compatble with Jessica, once together they will become soulmates. Matthews are more then likey to not to wear trousers and will jessica be the more dominate. Matthwes also try to please thier love ones in as many ways as possible. Overall Matthews tend to be whipped.
Dude 1. Jessica you need to find yourself a matthew.
Dude 2. I know.
by 10ft tall avacado December 07, 2011
Matthew is an amazing friend, a wonderful human and can turn any bad day in to a good one. Matthew is beautiful inside and out. Weather its his looks, personality, or how much he cares for others, he is an all around great person and friend.
You're so great Matthew!
by Swoma November 23, 2015
A funny smart tall guy.
Wow Matthew is a pretty awsome guy
by catcone August 13, 2015
A Jessica lover. Matthew LOVES jessica. Matthew would like to know if Jessica loves him back. I'm just a random guy. I just know that somewhere out there a jessica will read this and think about her Matthew
by bladeqwqw123 September 05, 2014
A guy who will only drink tea on his own terms; who will wait until tea has been made and drunk by others before making himself a brew.
Friendly person: Hey Chuck, do you want some of this fresh delicious tea I've made?
Chuck: Nah, I'm gona do a Matthew. When it's stewed and cold I'll make my own.
by jambon April 16, 2013
The hottest man in the world he gets all the girls and will rock your world
Man did you see Matthew yesterday he was a beast
by Beast mode nigga July 07, 2016
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