Usually shortened to Matt. A Matthew is the most loving friend anyone could ask for. He can be crazy, and then serious. He is opinionated and very very clever. He is passionate about his interests, and his beautiful kind eyes light up when he talks about them. He is trustworthy and a loyal friend. He keeps himself to himself most of the time, and you will never see him cry. he has a gorgeous little giggle that warms your heart and a personality above all the rest. He is funny, witty, and quick to catch on to things. If something goes wrong he laughs it off and carries on. He hides his real self away from others, and only really lets people in who he wants near him. He has an outer layer that bullets bounce off, but underneath he is as soft as grease and loves with all is heart, only the people who love him know about this part of him. most of the time he is just a kind friend, but to that certain someone he is a charming romantic. He doesn't try to get every girl, he puts personality before looks. But he gives good kisses, and makes you feel secure. If you get a Matthew, don't ever let go of him.
i love Matthew
by shelovesyou99 October 29, 2013
A boy or man with a very large penis. When people say penis, people will often think of the name Matthew or vice versa. Everybody likes Matthew and anybody who doesn't is usually a slut, an asshole, or a bitch.
My Matthew is bigger than the world!
by Matt the penis January 26, 2011
The guy with the name Matthew has a problem. And that problem is that he is too perfect. So many people love him causing him to break hearts without even doing anything. Like in one case in particular a girl will have loved him for roughly 2 years and he won't know anything about it, like someone else, go out with her, and break the other girls heart, causing that girl to fall to pieces become an emo and try to kill herself. But no.... This girl could never hate Matthew because he is the only happy thing in her life the thing that makes her smile just by saying her name! HE IS A SAINT! DON'T TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HIM!
person 1: did you hear about that grace girl?

person 2: no......
person 1: well she took Leah's Matthew away from her.
by I dont like him i love him! October 04, 2011
The most amazing person in the world who I love to show affection because I care about him a lot. He can be very sarcastic and funny and loves to argue but I absolutely love spending time with him.
I pulled a Matthew after I argued about why an Android is better than an iPhone with Alex.
by Hot_Sasha October 18, 2010
Brown hair, brown eyes, tanned skin, just plainly amazing. Matthew's dont come along very often so you have to enbrace the time you spend with a matthew. They are truly amazing.
Hot Cheer Leader: I saw the coolest guy today and i begged him for his number. His name was matthew,
Other Hot Cheet Leader: OMG i have heard about him, please please please can i have him number?
by rachaelisgay September 08, 2010
the most amazing boyfriend everr. is sweet and charming. treats me better than any one ever has before. is smart, and freakin hilarious. loving, and caring :) is so sexy, and gorgeous. tall dark and handsome! prince charming.
by lexy2010 June 07, 2010
A good-looking, confident, capable man. Distant and reserved by nature, his ego is his likely downfall. As a lover, he is gifted and generous; as a partner he holds back and is emotionally reserved. A Matthew needs a very strong counterpart to ensure connection as a couple. If she fails, he will punish her one way or another.
Matthew's her ideal man, except that he can't deal when she is feeling sad.
by SundayMorning0318 October 01, 2013

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