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A guy who tells a girl he loves her than goes and breaks her heart so he can date her best friend and ruin their friendship. He doesn't have the balls to tell anyone how he feels. He prefers to date gross sluts that are posers and need a life. He is also a homosexual secretly.

At man sleepovers, he screws all his friends vigorously. He is also a nasty, white trash, smoker who needs to be shot. NOW!
Lets have a man sleepover!
Okay, but don't invite Matthew!
#matt #matthew #homosexual #man sleepover #smoker
by LolliPopGumDrop June 09, 2010
A great word that means- A LOAD OF NONSENSE!!!
Guy 1- "did you know that I can hold my breath for 5 minutes!"

Guy 2- "what a load of piffle!"
#piffle #nonsense #stupid #silly #not true
by lollipopgumdrop May 13, 2015
Basically, this means absolutely AWESOME!!!
"Dude, you are so plinthy!"
#plinth #plinthy #plank #wood #surface
by lollipopgumdrop May 08, 2015
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