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Tall, athletic guy who typically has a special lady secretly liking him. He is cool under pressure but is super chill and carefree. Loves to have a good laugh and a good time. He is smart and puts his studies first. Sporty and competitive. Good sportsmanship. Peaceful and would never fight with a girl. He is funny and fun to be around. Can look hard as a rock but inside he is a sweet softy. A tad bit sensitive and has a HUGE heart, and if you have a special place in it you must be a really lucky lady. ;)
Girl 1: Ufffff who is that? *completely flattered*
Girl 2: My boyfriend.
Girl 1: Must be a Matthew.
Girl 2: His name is Matthew.
Girl 1: Lucky bitch.
by secret person ;) xx November 18, 2012
The guy with the name Matthew has a problem. And that problem is that he is too perfect. So many people love him causing him to break hearts without even doing anything. Like in one case in particular a girl will have loved him for roughly 2 years and he won't know anything about it, like someone else, go out with her, and break the other girls heart, causing that girl to fall to pieces become an emo and try to kill herself. But no.... This girl could never hate Matthew because he is the only happy thing in her life the thing that makes her smile just by saying her name! HE IS A SAINT! DON'T TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HIM!
person 1: did you hear about that grace girl?

person 2: no......
person 1: well she took Leah's Matthew away from her.
by I dont like him i love him! October 04, 2011
matthews r sexi,caring,and knows wat his girl wants i love you
girl 1: wish i had a matthew.
girl 2: i have one he's amazing.
girl 1:man, you suck.
girl 2: no ur just jealious.
by sami :)) February 21, 2010
The sweetest and cutest guy you'll ever meet. He listens to you and cheers you up when your mad or sad or angry. He's also fucking hilarious and has the biggest elephant in the world. Matthew is amazing, and he also loves sandwiches and he is amazing at math.
1) girl :WOW look at that guy his elephant his huge! he must be a matthew

2) girl 1: aww that guy is soo sweet!

girl 2: yea his name is matthew
by fruitninja14-2 September 24, 2011
A tall,handsome and caring guy. If he's your best friend he is loyal, fun, amazing and will turn your frown upside down, if he's your lover...he's all of that and much more :)
*Girl speaking to Matthew in hallway of college*

Person: who was that guy you were just speaking to?

Girl: Oh that's my friend Matthew....*sighs*....but i wish he was more than that <3
by somebody wished to be loved <3 April 19, 2011
the true definition of beautiful, the sweetest, kindest person you will ever come across. but be careful falling in love with him is easy as his charm and true inner and outer beauty can not be denied. getting over him will be a challenge and sooner or later you will relise it is humanly impossible and you will be deeply and madly in love with him forever.

he has a body to die for; tanned skin, tall and athletic. gorgeous blue eyes and the perfect smile which will make your chest hurt when its gone.

im in love with you.
That matthew is a heartbreaker.
by youknowwhoitis. December 21, 2010
the guy thats extremely cute and has many friends. the one that youll fall in love with and the one thatll break your heart into a million pieces. often lies alot without others knowing. always have your love but will also have your hate as well.
matthew is the love of my life
by brokenhearted and lovin it November 23, 2010