The Matrix is a system we "humans" are the battery to the Matrix so that means the more people in the matrix the more power it gets. However the real world is enslaved by machines and theres a war between human and machine. The One(Neo) is the only person who can end this war.
by Anonymous July 10, 2003
The act of orgasming on a womans face so that ejaculate drips down creating the appearance of computer code.
I finished banging Mary in the ass and finidshed up by giving her a Matrix.
by the guy named bob b May 02, 2006
Shallow film about kung-fu, guns, explosions, the nature of reality, and looking cool in shades and black leather. Makes for a pretty good screen saver.
The Matrix has you, Neo
by Chapped March 20, 2004
Calendar Hoes that are featured in the month of May.
"Damn fool, did you get a glimps of dem Maytrix."
by D. Ferrel September 25, 2003
some weird-ass movie that starred a guy whos main line was 'right' sucked...
release the geek in you...
by VMC August 30, 2003
Ma-Trix ••• What Ian's Ma does.
Ian's ma does some pretty good ma-trix £20.00!
by Ian's Ma August 24, 2003
A good film where Neo realizes hes the one and so does Morpheus, this movie pwns. Neo can stop bullets and walk up walls etc. I like the bit where hes in the subway, and he stops the bullets they stop in mid air, and he plucks 1 bullet from the load of bullets that just stopped, and drops it to the ground. Matrix has some neat special effects in it.
*NOTE: People also call the point where they can stop bullets 'bullet time'.
n00b: matrix suxx0rs i roxx0rs their soxx0rs
me: shut up noobass
n00b: matrix suxx0rs i literally pwn their sox0rs
me: no they own you, in the future if there reli is a matrix why dont you go in the matrix and fight Neo, he will pwn ur ass
n00b: im as dumb as bill gates though !!
me: i know u r
by Rikke January 27, 2006

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