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1.A form of powerade that tastes like victory
2.To pull off an awesome dodge
1.I drank a bottle of matrix yeasterday.
2.I matrixed the bullets as the cops shot at me!
a good kung fu movie that is not philosophical or remotely about metaphysics
the matrix is kung fu
by dsajfkl;fj;lsa;lfa July 12, 2003
A word describing anything.
"Matrixed Yo Mudda!"
by mike4789 December 09, 2003
a film which has has the piss taken out of so many times that it should be burned
morpheus: "if you take the red pill, you will wake up and none of this will have happened. if you take the blue pill, you will have an orgasm for up to eleven years."
neo: "ill take them both thanks"
by matrix is well gid big mon!!! March 03, 2004
Just another movie that I haven't seen...
Kinda like latex and plastics, not into cyber
by fo my pizz da playa December 26, 2003
A kick ass film, with the best special effects.
Fuck me the matrix is a good film!!
by derick nobcheese November 07, 2003