a maneuver used to save one's self from potential danger
*a AA battery is thrown at Someone's head but luckily he has the reflexes to dodge it*
Someone: "I just pulled a matrix"
by superdude3 October 20, 2003
The action in which you bend over backwards to when your knees are almost parallel to your back, usually dodging someone or something. Made very popular in the first Matrix film.
as he tried to punch her she totally matrixed out of it and kicked his ass
by LASTDON from da sucka free March 19, 2005
It's like Alice's Wonderland, except a hell of a lot more machines. Oh, sorry, no Chesire Cat. -_-
Morpheus: Take the red pill and I'll show you how far the rabbit hole goes.
Neo: *takes the red pill* Oh boy! Alice is a HOTTIE!
by a loser November 08, 2003
The Matrix is when your computer talks to you at night.
Sometimes goes blinky-blink, and blip-dot-blibbity-bop.
by Y2K Docta May 29, 2003
not Suicidaltaco, a ranking in 1337n355. pretty cool.
That's not too shabby, quite MaTriX
by PyRo_X February 05, 2003
Kewlest mother fucker on the planet.
MaTriX 0wnz j3w.
by MaTriX- February 05, 2003
Little moronic kids do something they think could be in the movie the matrix. Such as they dodge something, or wall jump. And they say; "WHOAH I DID THE MATRICKS BACK THERE LAWLZ!" This phrase makes no sence, since the matrix is in fact a noun.
*wall jump* OH DUDE! I totaly did the MATRIX!
by The-Coach September 05, 2007

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