A facking awesome paintball marker. The most popular matrix as of yet is the Dye Matrix, which evolved in 2004 as the DM4 or Dye Matrix 4(duh). It has continued as the DM5 and DMC, which are some of the most advanced paintball markers on the market. A Matrix is referred to as a 'Trix on occasion.
I Pw3nz00red you with my Matrix!!1!one1!!eleventyone!!1
by Grandmachinksker August 17, 2005
No one can be told what the Matrix is, you can only be shown.
What is the Matrix? Lets get the Matrix out of here?
by Aiden Platt September 07, 2004
1. A graphical representation of the internet, as used in almost all cyberpunk.

2. An artificial world, as used in what cyberpunk is left (i.e. the matrix films, a couple other isolated occurences)
1 or 2 (works for both): I just jacked into the matrix.
by Adam Wilson January 07, 2004
A real kick ass movie!!!!
On top 13 greatest movies of all time.
it should be on top 3 but film ratings prohibits kids to watch it....
I was inside a movie theater one day watching Terminator 3 and throughtout the length of the movie I wished I was watching Reloaded bound to be released the next week.

Matrix green text scrolls are really cool. Lotsa people like it and lotsa people hate it..
by Deee Matrixx October 27, 2003
DDD Matrixxx
Itsa movie thats really worth watching.
On top 13 best movies of all time. (www.worldwideboxoffice.com). It should be on Top 3 because of the film ratings crap kids cant watch it..
by Deee Matrixx October 27, 2003
1.A reeeeaaaally powerful virtual reality generator
2.To avoid something that was throwed on us.
1.Wow! This veedio game is a real Matrix!
2.*he avoided being hit by a stone* -Hey! I did a matrix!
by kilgayne October 18, 2003
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