The type of person who masturbates to visions of his friends hot girlfriends and plays wii all day. Another word for man with child-size penis
Dude wtf you just pulled a Martin in your bathroom.
by BOOBS BASTOW October 21, 2008
n. A man with a penis that is significantly wider than it is longer IE a chode.
That guys penis is so short, its a martin!
by Jack Avery November 23, 2007
Another word for beefer
A gay guy walks into a gay club and says to his gay mate: "This is paradise mate, it is full of Martins!"
by The Beefer Society August 15, 2007
1. A martin is someone who likes men and gets picked on in the locker room somewhat like a nerd.

2. Disliked, usually a guy.
If my name was martin my butthole would be loose.
by ALessel November 24, 2006
a person who enjoys having multiple cocks shoved up his/her ass; a person who enjoys kinky butt sex.
"hey, you know that Martin i took home last night ?? good fuck"
by Sara Sex Payton May 22, 2008
One of the happiest little men you'll ever meet, simply put VERY VERY VERY gay, prone to a bit of bottom fun, felching and other such unmasculine pass times.
The other night whilst out walking I bumped into a happy little queen who said he'd just had a right good pink socking and now felt like a Martin!
by Fanny Farts September 09, 2010

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