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As f*ck
That burger was good asf!
by ChristinaAvery November 09, 2014
A wrong way of abbreviating the words "as fuck", the right one being "af" (or "a.f./AF/A.F").
1: That dude wrote that he was "hungry asf", but how can you write an abbreviation which contains one of the abbreviated words, not abbreviated?

2: Man, he should go back to school, his grammar's bad af.
by prettydamnfly March 02, 2016
it stands for as fuck

slang word often used in text messages or any other messaging device.
''asf am i gonna bother doing my homework the teacher can shove it up my kush bindah''
by PoopSmiles November 07, 2014
and so forth
usually comes after etc
neela, i hate your monkey doll, etc etc asf
jazz, i love you, asf
stupid fckn way of saying 'as fuck'

usually used by autistic teendagers on the facebooks xd
i am gay asf -> i am gay as fuck
by Ayian January 14, 2015
And so forth. usually comes after etc. Below example is wrong...jazz...
i went to the shops and got loads of stuff, clothes, make up etc asf
by Luke Bright February 07, 2008
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