Redifined: maroon5, a group whos album is a complete bestseller, and whos fans actually look at the songs and arent just shallow enough to look at the band members, suck that 'george tony'. Every song on that album is worth the cost, and the songs have originallity, which is more than can be said for most groups today.
Fan: ...maroon5, they rock!
'Cool' guy: dude, fuck off they like totally dont. i only do cool bands dude, im bout to go smoke some weed bye
by does-it-matter? December 02, 2004
Some sort of horrid "band". They exist to annoy the shit out of everyone. I'm thinking they're all gay and the lead singer only makes out with some chick in a video to cover up his gayness.
Girl at Maroon 5 Audition: What? You mean I have to make out with him!?!?!?
Director: Yeah, but I'll pay you 3000 bucks if you agree.
Girl at Maroon 5 Audition: Ahh, screw it. You'd have to pay me more than that! I'm outta here!
Director: Damn, lost another one! Alright, girl 23, you're ne...Wait, you're a guy!
"Girl" 23: I know, but he's so beautiful!
Director: Well, you're the last one, go ahead!
by Highly Evolved March 28, 2005
a shitty band and adam levine is "TOTALLY!!!" Closeted
Maroon 5 are as annoying as Hanson and Aqua-(1HW's know for 97 technoshit hit "Barbie girl")
by Joe Smith 2 August 08, 2007

They have some funk but anyone who enjoys they shit is either a girl or gay.
Girl1: Ooooh, I love the new Maroon 5 song where he looks tortured and sings about his ex-relationship.

Dude: Fucking hell.
by fatfood March 23, 2005
great funk band who plays great music and must be seen live to fully appreciate. has the 5 sexiest men on the business. previously known as Kara's Flowers
I want to sex up the five members of Maroon 5, especially Adam who I will fuck five times.
by love_music August 23, 2004
the gayest/crappiest band that it got rejected from queer eye for being too gay also damo angi loves them so he sucks balls
"holy shit that song sucks
"yeh dat was maroon5
"they nearly suck as bad as your grandnanny.
by george tony October 30, 2004
A man poking a female's ass with five fingers and kissing the girl on the lips.
A cute girl walked by a guy and the guy saw her ass and thought it was cute, so he poked it (i.e. a "Maroon 5") with his five fingers and kissed her.
by gizmo19961 July 02, 2009
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