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The best band ever whom I love so much, they totally rock and their album is amazing!!!
Man, Maroon 5 are the best band on the planet!
by LapisLazuli* January 02, 2005
kick ass funky band, in need of assistance because apparently, its getting harder and harder to breathe...is there anyone out there???

Oh, and Adam Levine is skinny pale and fucking gorgeous!
maroon 5 lead singer adam levine dies tragically in freak suffocating accident, if only someone had been out there...
by fiendishphoenix February 04, 2004
Maroon 5 are so fuckin gorgeous and i luv em to death. I can listen to there cd ova and ova agen and neva get bored. they're so hot and their music is so meaningful. I saw them wen they came to adelaide and they totally rocked tha Thebby. i was so close i could taste the sweat coming off of Adam Levine.
There's only one thing to say about them "absolute hunks"
by K_J March 07, 2005
a good mix of ska reggae cock rock reggae and pop. One of my favourites. Good lyrics.

Best songs: Woman, Not Coming Home, Captain Splendid, Sunday Morning
Have you checked Adam Levine's vocals. Yeah the lead singer of Maroon 5, he's got it going on.
by rosella September 30, 2004
A rock band that adds a "poppy" "swingish" feel to their music. And its got some funk to it. The band is popular for their music, not looks because the whole band is ugly. But they can really play some good music.
Wow I went to a maroon 5 concert and it was tight.
by Myra Mains August 16, 2004
hot sizzlin' band. ohhhh! very delicous
i have a big crush on their lead vocalist. you're so hot baby boy! i know you like a bitch like me. i've seen your videos and some of the scenes are involve w/ sex. Oh! how delirious. i wanna fuck you! i'm very horny!!! ah! oh! eh! uh! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
by bitchinnewyork November 19, 2004