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To eat an obscene amount of food.
"I ate two crave cases last night, I really pulled a Levine."
by Claude Hubert Blaume August 31, 2006
Usually a jewish kid with a very large penis, around 7 inches without a "hard-on", and gets all of the girls
1) Man that Levine has a big ass cock
2) MAn that Levine gets al the girls
by Maddi Kriegar June 25, 2009
1. (noun)A joining of two rolls of fat that creates a crease in the fat person's skin.

2. (verb) Lashing out at someone on the internet.
(n)When I stood up, I had a red line where my Levine was and it was kind of sweaty.

(v)All I said was that you should eat healthier and you Levined all over the internet.
by UGHHstuff April 10, 2009
1)v. The act of being dismissed disowned or seperated from your unit for no apparent reason.
2)v. Getting generally screwed over in the military.
1. Does anyone know why he got levined to guard for 7 months?

2. They really levined him with that demotion.
by squegie June 02, 2005
Usually a small jewish boy with at the largest a 5 inch penis, usually has no "game", or in other terms gets no to little pussy. Usually bitches about what other people are doing. Is a strong anit-tabacco fagget. Very strong liberal.
1. Dude wtf u pulled a levine and cock blocked me.
2. why are u so white and gay, are u a Levine?
by consuela pabla June 11, 2009
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