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One of the coolest ways to spell Marcie. Typically, people that spell it this way are very cool and/or hot.
Man, Marcie is so hot!

I bet you wish you were like Marcie!
by M.K. Flem$ta May 10, 2006
An incredibly beautiful girl with the most incredible hazel/brown eyes who is cool and popular yet she isn't big headed. She is adorable, sexy, passionate, and shy all at the same time. Everyone loves her, and everyone wants to get to know her. She finds it hard to open up to people, but once she does, she is even more incredible. She has an amazing taste in music and style. The sort of girl who you stare at as she walks past - and you just can't forget about her.
Person 1 "Woah, there's Marcie..."

Person 2 "Damn she's hot..."

Person 1 "CRAP - who's that guy with Marcie?"

Person 2 "Lucky bastard"
by ThatFanGirlOfRika September 11, 2011
The sexiest woman alive. A true goddess. One that loves sex. If you meet a Marcie, rock her OVER and OVER and OVER again.
Didn't you know Marcie loves cock?
by I'm a believer November 21, 2010
Is a fucktarded hoe bag who is dumb enough to fuck her best friends ex whom you both live with.
OMG Stop being such a Marcie
by GuitarMan420BlazeIt May 12, 2016
A strip of exposed back flesh where the pants and shirt do not meet due to ill-fitting clothes. Usually the exposed marcie is a result of pants slung too low and shirt that is not long enough. Butt crack may be exposed, depending on the individual.
Dude, for god's sake pull down your shirt! Your marcie's showing.
by offendedviewer April 02, 2011
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