The act of one golf ball hitting another during play.
"Marbles" exclaimed Fred as his 60 foot put went left after hitting another ball between Fred's and the hole.
by madmarv March 05, 2003
Top Definition
Brain Cells, sometimes used to illustrate the lack of.
Terry the great dork is losing his marbles
by Kom May 18, 2004
Yet another synonym for balls, nuts, testes, etc.
Elk: So that's when I fried my marbles...
I *whispers*: That explains why people consider you a woman, your balls are gone now...
by I M A Dogg October 19, 2005
Auto racing term for a ball of rubber on the track that has come off of a tire. Usually used in the plural. Multiple marbles take over entire racing lanes on the outside of normal racing grooves or lanes. Marbles decrease grip, causing cars to crash in corners. Drivers compare driving on marbles to driving on ice.
Dale Earnhardt, Jr., has been making great time on the high side. But that was too high. He got up into the marbles and slapped the wall.
by wordguy2 March 14, 2010
Slang for testicles.
I'd like to gargle his marbles!'

-- From Southpark episode "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset -- 2006
by Chrissiann July 09, 2006
1). A small glass ball used in childhood games and childish pranks.

2). The most disgusting sexual act possible consisting of a large basin (too collect any loose balls/bodily fluids), LOTS of lube, a waiver signed by all 5 members of the act, and a small bag of marbles. To only be attempted by trained experts/death row inmates.

3). To marble someone. The act of marbling.
1). I put marbles under her car door and she cracked her head open.

2). I was marbling the fuck out of her, but then the cops showed up.
by Gamemasta April 26, 2010
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