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1. (adj.) very hot.

2. A variation of it being cold, brick.
I dripped the marble fondue chocolate all over his body and licked it off, from his neck down.

The marble lube felt amazing on my dick as I penetrated her tight pussy.
by chillininpeace March 30, 2009
Slang for testicles.
I'd like to gargle his marbles!'

-- From Southpark episode "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset -- 2006
by Chrissiann July 09, 2006
also "marble halls", a cockney rhyming slang for male balls...
She took him on his marbles and squeezed them really hard.
by roos_va June 13, 2004
some one round and fat
"wow that kid is marble"
"look there's a marble"
by anonimous June 18, 2006
Code word for more bowls
man1: "wanna hang"?
man2: "ya lets go toss some marbles"
by TossinMarblesOfDankos March 14, 2010
Marbles i.e. a sexual game; Two partisipants place anal beads inside their anus. Then on the count of 3, they pull the anal beads from their anus' and begin to fight each other with them (Favorite styles include using the anal beads like a whip or swinging them like a piece of chain). Ther first partisipant to bleed from their injurys looses the game.
"You look pretty beaten up there! Get in a fight?" said the Nurse

"No i lost a game of Marbles" replied Jamie.
by Thomas david ford June 17, 2008
Something so ridiculous, that it cant even be called ridiculous.
Mike watched the woman beat her husband to death with a spoon and exclaimed. Holy shit that was MARBLES
by Mattybas December 23, 2007