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The act of going out and approaching people with the sole intention of getting it on with them.
Yo, let's go sarge some hotties!

Man, my sarging life has sucked lately.

Helen's always sarging blondes.
by mindmatter May 25, 2005
Anyone that is trying really hard to look cool by wearing certain clothing or acting a certain way, but just can't pull it off. Everyone knows they're not cool except for themselves.
What's up with the fucking amberzombie crowd at this club?

My kid brother used to be an amberzombie but now he has grown out of it and is the shit.

Some people dig amberzombies and thus by default they're amberzombies themselves.
by mindmatter May 27, 2005
testicles. almost always used in plural.
yo, you've got no marbles. i bet she's going to get away with that.

grow a pair of marbles and just do it.

i need to have a threesome so i can give each of my marbles some independent action.
by mindmatter May 31, 2005

pronounced goon-dah.
man, that dude's a goonda.

yo, this street's goonda-infested.

girls would say "I like guys that are goonda-like."
by mindmatter May 26, 2005
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