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(n) a masculine perspective adopted by women usually associated with dominance or entitlement
1.) In such a male dominated industry, the women who possess a mantality are the ones who go far.

2.) Sporting a mantality, his girlfriend has chosen to get back at him by staying out all night with her girlfriends and ignoring his texts.
by EmersonLives December 22, 2014
A phrase used to describe the mentality of a man, hence MANtality. Can also be used in conjunction with WOMANtality.
I get so frustrated with his mantality.
by heidi December 03, 2004
Mantality (n.): The mindset of a male who believes he owes others nothing. A self-centered feeling of entitlement, often produced when a group of (douchey) males congregate.
I can't stand his mantality! So rude...
by jayso January 11, 2012
Derivative of mentality, but specifically a man. Or the male's perspective.
I was having boyfriend trouble so I asked my friend Bret to give me his man-tality on the situation.
by Fast Car June 11, 2010
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