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someone who thinks something is owed to them by life in general; or because they are who they are
I had a friend who would never work on her birthday, and throw hissy fits when things didn't go her way- what a brat- had a huge sense of entitlement
#obnoxious #shit talker #whiner #brat #ridiculous
by Meadow Soprano October 22, 2005
when someone thinks they are owed something by life; they should get things just because they are who they are
I still can't get over the hissy fit she threw over having to drive herself to the party- what a sense of entitlement- her ego is hunormous
#hunormous #ego #prissy #low maintenance #high maitenenance
by Meadow Soprano October 18, 2005
entitlement: something all North American females have a massive sense of.
"If I sleep with a banana, it is empowering, if I sleep with you it is empowering, if I sleep with a woman it is empowering, if I dump you it is empowering, if I am mean to you it is empowering...oh, and if I am nice to you and stay with you it is not empowering."
by jethro April 05, 2005
when someone thinks they are owed something by life. They have the notion that things/stuff SHOULD be given to them for free because of 'who they are'. AKA Narcissism
He wasnt taking her to Mexico, so she rammed her car into the side of his truck. HUGE sense of entitlement
#unrealistic #exaggerated #personality disorder #unreasonable #frustration
by Billytex April 06, 2015
See: Boise State Football
Entitlement = Boise State Football.
#boise #state #football #entitlement #pansy
by DaBigD February 15, 2011
1. A common ailment of fanboys and fangirls; Such individuals believe that because they watch a program, buy a product, or attend a show that they are on the same level as the person (or people) who worked on the entertainment that they enjoy. Whenever things don't turn out how they think it should, they bitch, whine, and complain.

2. A common ailment of some persons who identify as white; Some may claim that they do not see race (i.e. say they are colorblind), but they'll inevitably cry about blacks being criminals, browns being illegals, and reds being corrupt casino owners. A few may have token praise for the yellows being responsible and better than those other not-so-Model Minorities. They are fans of stereotypes. Such individuals believe that they are completely flawless and often go out of their way to point out the flaws in others. They love treating a few people as representations of everyone they hate. Whenever they don't get a job, it's because of affirmative action. When they don't pass a test, it's because the teacher was being mean. When someone calls them out for having a stupid opinion, it's the fault of political correctness, liberals, Satan, fascists, etc. No matter what they do, it's always someone else's fault.

Both definitions tend to have individuals who match both types of entitlement. If you encounter such individuals, make sure to mock and troll them to no end for lulz.

Damnit, I've been a long time fan for a long time! *insert person here* should cater to MY demands and if they don't I'm going to make a massive ass out of myself online! I won't stop watching. I won't stop reading. I will however keep going on and on and on about how my *favorite series/one true pairing/whatever* is forever ruined. My head is big, my brain is small, and I have a ridiculous sense of entitlement!


Damnit, I'm a REAL American and everyone on this planet should bow to me! I DESERVED THAT *insert position here* and if I don't get I'm going to *whine/babble on Fox News/glare at black people/drag my useless ass to a Tea Party protest*! My head is big, my brain is small, and I have a ridiculous sense of entitlement!
#jerk #whine #whiner #ideologue #idealogue #fanboy #fanboi #fangirl #fantard #bigot #racist
by Hoppered July 11, 2010
A freebie promised to women, poofters, Mexicans, and guys of color to get them to vote for you. If you win, you tax the pants off all honest, hard working decent people to pay for these entitlements.
Ah wants me some o dem entitlement! Ah's gwine to vote fo Hillary! Yassuh!
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 21, 2005
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