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The Finnish name for Finland.

I love Finland = Minä rakastan Suomea!
Finland is a beautiful country = Suomi on kaunis maa
by Heidi April 25, 2005
a woman who likes to have "fun:
Heidi is a Ho!
by Heidi February 28, 2004
Refers to Vampire aesthetics, as in the subculture. Typically vampire refers to the vampires of history. Vampyre is the term used for modern day people who participate in vampire role-play or dress etc.
Dracula is a vampire, the chic with the fangs wearing all black at the coffee shop is a vampyre.
by Heidi April 26, 2005
Underground network and official organization for those participating in the vampyric lifestyle and/or associated with a house within that network.

Stems from word Sanguine which means 'bloodthirsty'.
I am a member of the Sanguinarium.
by Heidi April 26, 2005
A guy that is hot or descent lookin and you would like to do him!
While I was drivin around i saw a fine lookin bavis!
by Heidi June 29, 2004
A nice, contrite word for the longer and more cumbersome phrase of "plaid flannel," as in "my plaid, flannel jammy pants."
I can't wait to go home and put on my plannel jammies.
by heidi December 03, 2004
a crew originating from tel-aviv, israel
that party was da shiznit, it's probably from the km47
by heidi October 25, 2003

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