According to Al Gore, the end of all humankind as we know it.
It's ManBearPig, not PigBearMan.
by timothy duncan April 28, 2006
A figment of Al Gore's mathematically impaired creativity. Al Gore obviously did not pass high school mathematics.
half man + half bear + half pig = the mathematical monstrousity that is manbearpig
by beckhendrix February 02, 2007
A fictional character created by Al Gore in an episode of southpark. Gore creates manbearpig to get attention, and then later claims to kill him, thus making him the savior of southpark. Nobody cares.
"manbearpig is coming, and i am SUPER CEREAL"
-Al Gore
by slothshs May 04, 2006
1/2 man, 1/2 bear, 1/2 pig. Thats right im cerial.
We got to catch manbearpig, im super cerial.
by Rascal1212313 April 28, 2006
1/2 bear, 1/2 man, 1/2 pig... 150% retarded.
Don't worry, it's not really manbearpig. It's me, Al Gore.
by JBurton31 September 14, 2010

And algor is trying to kill IT ;(

Half man
Half bear
Half pig
by MaDMaN125 November 24, 2009
its the single biggest threat to our planet.

half man, half bear and half pig

guy "hey what is that, some sort of pigbear man?"

al gore " no, stupid, its manbearpig - i'm cereal"

"thankyou al gore, you're super awesome"
by joey_deacon11 May 12, 2009

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