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Hat killed 27 babies, but it was self-defense, so we must free him!

The boys from South Park wanted to stop directors from making remix of their movies, and they try to have many people by giving free hat, but people doesn't understand cause they wanted to free hat, who is now free.
Man: Hat McCollough. He was sent to prison in '82, and we believe he should be released!

People: Free Hat! Free Hat! Free Hat!
by pascalbg December 27, 2007
Use by robots, like Bender.
Bite my shiny metal ass, meatbag!
by pascalbg December 27, 2007
Variant of Pixel, partners of Mario in the game Super Paper Mario. They help him in his quest by giving him abilities.
I'm Tippi, a pixl. I can help you.
by pascalbg December 27, 2007
1. One of the eight words that so offended god, we musn't say it too much cause the curse of the black death will kill us!

2. The brown thing that comes from your ass...
1. The knights were formed to keep curse words to a minimum. Should a curse word ever be let out, they would return. A rune for each word of curse was made, representing each of the eight words that so offended God...

2. Kyle: Chef, do you know where "shit" comes from?
Chef: Uh, from your ass, children.
by pascalbg December 27, 2007
Third pixl Mario get in Super Paper Mario. With him, he's able to be nearly invisible. That's useful.
Hi! I'm Slim! I've been waiting for you for 1,500 years!
by pascalbg December 27, 2007
Al Gore said it in two episodes of South Park, the Manbearpig is a beast half-man, half-bear and half-pig! He's super serial! And this beast is real, cause its in Imaginationland, and stuffs in our imagination are real, so we must nuke the Imaginationland to definitively destroy Manbearpig! Excelsior!!
No! Manbearpig have to die!
by pascalbg December 27, 2007

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